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Heroine TV Podcast #29: Movie Edition, Part I

2013 February 17

Movie Podcast Part I

The latest edition of the Heroine TV Podcast is a bit unusual, in that it does not deal with TV. Instead, I was joined by my friends Kyle and Colin to discuss the movies that we’ve recently seen in the theaters. With the Academy Awards coming up on February 24th, we figured it was a good time. We started off with some discussion of The Hobbit (1:14), as we are all big Tolkien fans. Then we followed up with thoughts on Lincoln (17:50), including some analysis of the relevant Oscar nominations. Next, we talked about Django Unchained (41:54),  including some thoughts on violence in movies and TV.

I hope that you enjoy this experiment in film discussion, and welcome the change of pace. We had so much that we wanted to discuss, so this is only part I. We hope to talk about Les Misérables, Argo, and Zero Dark Thirty in the next edition. If you have any feedback or questions, email me at You can listen to the podcast on the player below, download the mp3, or subscribe via iTunes. Thanks!


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Hi! Cool idea to do movies instead of tv!

The hobbit: I didn't find that many problems as you guys. I never read the book so maybe that's why but I thought it was great. I was afraid cause everyone kept saying it was SOO long, but I didn't notice.

Django: I am not a big fan of his usually but I went to see this one with my brother and I'm really glad! I agree, the violence was so ridiculous at the end, it was kind of funny. The parts that kind of bothered me more were scenes like the barn scene... I had to close my eyes a little bit...But now, I am a huge Christoph Waltz fan, I love the way he talks,

Heroine TV
Heroine TV moderator

 @emily3 Thanks, Emily! Good points.Yeah, I think reading the book made us more critical. Still, I really enjoyed The Hobbit too. I hope that came across.


Yeah, the barn scene in Django was really hard to watch. Definitely nothing cartoonish about that. And I can't wait to see what Christoph Waltz does next! 


I'm going to post part 2 of the podcast later today.


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