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2013 February 14
by Johnni

Once Tiny

Read on for Johnni’s recap of Once Upon A Time episode 2×13, “Tiny,” aired Sunday, February 10th, 2013:

There is nothing tiny about the amount of drama in this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time. Cheesy, I know but I had to say it! This week, the giant is back–the one who lived at the top of the beanstalk that Emma climbed earlier this season. He ends up in Storybrooke and his storyline is awesome.

Last week, Rumplestiltskin cashed in his favor from Emma and told her that they were taking a trip to find his son. We pick up this week as Rumple arrives to get Emma, but she isn’t alone—in fact, she decides to bring Henry with her! Lucky break too, since Regina is on a mission to get her son back once and for all. As Rumple leaves Storybrooke, he is terrified of forgetting who he is, even though he has the talisman. He crosses without any harm and they are off.

Back in town, Charming and Snow are looking for where Cora could be hiding, so they ask the only person as dark as she is: Hook! Even with broken ribs and cuts on his face, Hook is still his hot and snarky pirate self that I have always loved. Once on board his ship, the trio (Charming, Snow, and Dreamy) discover that the giant, Anton or “Tiny,” has been shrunken down and locked in a cage. Poor guy! After they release him, he attacks Charming and threatens him, before running off. 

In a flashback, we see that Tiny was the smallest of his brothers and was made fun of by his family. He was also fascinated by humans, spending all his time in the treasure room, which his brothers didn’t understand. In an attempt to escape the ridicule in his house, he climbs down the beanstalk to the human world, where is he greeted by Prince James (Charming’s evil twin brother) and his lover Jacqueline, or Jack for short. Jack gives Tiny a magic mushroom, similar to the cakes used in Alice in Wonderland, to make him shrink down to human size so that he can fit in. Their overwhelming kindness is a red flag, but Tiny doesn’t see it. I mean come on, Jack and the giant beanstalk is a tale of stealing right?!

Unfortunately, Tiny doesn’t seem to suspect anything and decides that James and Jack are his friends. So, when Jack reveals that the kingdom is in jeopardy and that magic beans could save it, Tiny says he doesn’t have any … but he does have treasure. He returns home to find that his family actually missed him (so cute), but he still takes the treasure to help his new friends. As he is about to go back down to the human world, Jack and James appear at the top of the beanstalk with swords drawn—they want the beans! After Tiny destroys the beans like his older brother tells him, he comes back to find him lying on the floor, dying from a stab wound. Jack is also lying on the floor (James left her to die).

Before Tiny’s brother dies, leaving him all alone, he gives him a bean stem that will help him when the time is right to make magic beans again in another land (since he burned down the current crop field). As soon as he dies, Tiny has a newfound hatred for humans, which explains his anger towards Charming (who looks just like his evil twin). Seriously, this giant can’t catch a break and it actually hurts to watch!

In Storybrooke, the giant is facing similar issues with the humans. As he runs through town and dodges cars, he is clearly frightened, humanizing his character, which I like. He finally finds peace in the woods, until Regina shows up. She gives him another mushroom, this time to make him big again, and tells him to kill Charming since that is who he thinks wronged him in the past.

With Regina’s blessing, Tiny returns to his normal huge self and heads straight to town. In hopes of saving everyone else, Charming decides to surrender, especially since Tiny has trust issues and there is no one there to calm him down. If only Emma was there and could talk him down … oh well! As Charming surrenders and the giant lunges at him, the giant’s weight makes part of the street collapse. Tiny disappears … or so you think. Once Charming peers into the hole, he sees that Tiny is small again and hanging on to a pipe for dear life—the victim yet again!

In other news, the hospital is an interesting and scary place this week. Belle remembers the accident and the fact that she saw Rumple with a ball of fire in his hand, but she can’t figure out how it is possible. In an attempt to make her forget, the hospital is constantly drugging her. Terrible! The mystery man, however, is pretending he is unaware of what happened that night. As a result, he isn’t being sedated. At the end of the episode, he comes into Belle’s room and tells her that he believes her story because he saw it too! This is a storyline that I saw coming. I was surprised that they didn’t focus on it even more this week, but hopefully next week we get more juice.

Side note: there wasn’t nearly enough Rumple and Emma this week. But when I did get a glimpse of them, I was happy. The Rumple we all know is out of his element at the airport, and you can see the fear on his face. I definitely felt the pain he was going through. Didn’t you? Plus, after Henry gets hopped up on sugar in the airport Rumple goes to the bathroom for a break. He punches the wall and then tries to heal himself without any luck–an interesting development.

Back in Storybrooke, Charming manages to save the giant, but only after Tiny delivers the saddest line of the season: “maybe death hurts less than life.” So sad. Luckily, after he is saved, the whole town minus Regina (who is pretty M.I.A. in this episode) welcomes him and makes him feel at home. Now that Tiny is feeling better and owes Charming his life he remembers that he has the stem from the beanstalk, and therefore a way to possibly get them all back to Fairy Tale Land! Once they are all in the field and the soil is good enough to plant in, the dwarves hand Anton his own pick with the name “tiny” etched in it. Adorable! At this moment, it is clear that Tiny finally has a family again. Yay! Then for the cherry on top of this Kodak moment, the dwarves begin to whistle “heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go!” The perfect ending.

What did you think of this week’s episode? And what do you want to see next week?!

Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand.

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