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Caroline Forbes: More than Vampire Barbie

2012 November 25

Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW.

She started out as the blonde haired, blue-eyed, girl next door, with a knack for annoying almost everyone, and insecurities that she couldn’t hide. But that all changed when she became a vampire!

No, I’m not talking about some mediocre vampire from one of the many vampire movies and spin-offs. I’m talking about the greatest cheerleader turned vampire to hit Mystic Falls, Miss Caroline Forbes. She may not have made the best first impression, but I’ve always had a soft spot for her, and by the end of this post maybe you will too.

Whether you think she is a neurotic, preppy school girl or that she is a total badass, she is a pretty awesome character and she definitely adds a little spunk to The Vampire Diaries cast. So enough of this small talk, let’s get down to business. This is Caroline Forbes in all her glory. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW.

Caroline Forbes, played by the fabulous Candice Accola, is the daughter of Sheriff Liz Forbes and her ex-husband Bill Forbes. In the beginning of season one of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was little Miss Everything and wasn’t afraid to tell everyone how amazing she thought she was. At the same time, she was incredibly insecure and had numerous issues, which made her the dynamic character that I love.

In the pilot, Caroline was painted as a frenemy to Elena Gilbert, and friend to Bonnie Bennett. When Stefan Salvatore arrived in town, Caroline had a major crush on him but of course he only had eyes for Elena–a fact that Caroline didn’t let go of too easily.

When Caroline told Bonnie all about Stefan, it proved how love-crazed she can be. She said, “His name is Stefan Salvatore. He lives with his uncle up at the old Salvatore boarding house. He hasn’t lived here since he was a kid. Military family, so they moved around a lot. He’s a Gemini and his favorite color is blue.” Bonnie in her always sarcastic tone replies, “You got all of that in one day?” And it’s no big surprise that Caroline spouts back, “Oh, please. I got all of that between third and fourth period. We’re planning a June wedding.” Classic and crazy, but it is the clearest picture of season one Caroline.

It only took the arrival of Damon to switch Caroline’s attention and infatuation. She hooked up with Damon in an effort to make Elena and Stefan jealous, and it didn’t really work–shocker! 

In one of her many famous scenes, Caroline talked to Damon about being a vampire and we were sucked into the Caroline realm of incredibly awesome quotes, which I personally never want to leave. In the episode “Family Ties,” Caroline uttered the famous words, “Hey, how come you don’t sparkle?” This was probably the moment I fell in love with Caroline and I’ve never looked back.

Caroline didn’t play a huge role in season one, but she did have an up-and-down relationship with Damon, who used her as a play thing, drinking her blood, compelling her, and then erasing her memory. Poor Caroline, always looking for love in the wrong places.

In the episode “History Repeating,” things started to turn around for her in the love department, when she and Matt Donovan started dating … well kind of. If nothing else, they had a case of puppy love and it was adorable. Who doesn’t like a classic case of the nice guy and the good girl being together?

Other notable moments of Caroline from season one:

  • She discovered Vicki Donovan’s body in the woods in “Let the Right One In.”
  • She is crowned Miss Mystic Falls, obviously, and rides on a float in the Founder’s Day Parade, wearing a yellow dress straight out of Gone With The Wind.

The most important Caroline moment in the first season, however, was in the season finale, “Founder’s Day.” The tomb vampires planned on attacking the Council so the Council made a plan of their own. They decided to use a device to render vampires weak and then capture and kill them. So, to protect her son, Mrs. Lockwood sent Tyler, Matt, and Caroline home. When the tomb vampires came to the festival and the device was turned on, all the vampires were affected, including Damon. (Remember this finale? Fire, death, and Damon barely being saved by his loving brother Stefan and the resident super witch Bonnie!)

In addition to the vampires affected, both Mayor Lockwood and Tyler heard the noise and were weakened. Tyler, who was driving the car with Matt and Caroline in it at the time, crashed. Both Matt and Tyler were okay but Caroline was hospitalized due to internal injuries. This injury would lead to the greatest change for Caroline and would revamp (pun intended) her character as a whole.


Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW.

Picking up where we left off, Caroline was in the hospital and she wasn’t looking good. Damon fed her his blood, after Bonnie convinced him to do so, in order to help her heal. It worked, but unfortunately for Caroline, Katherine (the vampire doppelgänger version of Elena) overheard that Damon gave her his blood and smothered her to death. And just like that, Caroline became a vampire!

In light of the transformation, Damon tried to kill poor Caroline, in an attempt to prevent another mess like what happened with Vicki. Luckily, Stefan stepped in and saved her, and then proceeded to help her become one of the best trained and controlled vampires. After losing control once and killing a human, Caroline sticks to a blood bag diet and has great self-control.

Not too shabby for “Vampire Barbie,” as Damon calls her–a name that I totally love.

In her efforts to learn how to become a vampire, her relationships with Matt and her mother both suffered. But fret not, we get some amazing lines as a result of her struggles with learning how to feed. Two reasons I stand by my claim that Caroline is the best blonde vampire and possibly the best female badass vampire on the show–although she may have to fight Katherine for that title–are her two quotes from the episode “Bad Moon Rising.”

In this episode, Caroline made a joke about hunting, saying, “Isn’t killing cute defenseless animals the first step in becoming a serial killer?” She later said what we were all thinking when she became a vampire: “So you’re saying that now I’m basically an insecure, neurotic control freak, on crack.” Come on, you can’t tell me that you don’t love this girl?!

In addition to Caroline becoming the poster child for vampire transition, she gets the award for the best friend ever. If you recall, Tyler became a werewolf this season after accidentally killing a girl at his party (all Katherine’s doing, for the record) and when he went through his first transition, Caroline refused to leave his side. She may be a bit crazy at times but her loyalty definitely counts for something.

Despite her loyalty, Tyler wasn’t always so quick to do the same. When Caroline was kidnapped by Tyler’s future wolf pack and he was given a chance to save her, he hesitated. Not cool. This is one of the times we see the bitch mode of Caroline and I’m not going to lie, I liked it.

In a separate kidnapping, Caroline and Tyler were taken by witches, to be two of the creatures sacrificed in order to break Klaus’s curse and unleash his hybrid side. Damon again came to the rescue, in order to ultimately save Elena and stop the curse from being broken. Even though he was terrible to Caroline in season one, he showed a softer side with her in season two by saving her and by the use of his pet names for her like “Blondie” and “Barbie Vampire.”

In the midst of all of this kidnapping, Caroline had two guys fall for her and it makes total sense. She was pretty killer in season two, and not just because of her super strength. She proved that she is a loyal friend and has strong self-control in terms of feeding on humans. Plus, she showed that she is not afraid of every little thing, nor lacking in confidence like she was before she became a vampire.


Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW.

In season three, Caroline got back to her Martha Stewart ways, when she planned Elena’s 18th birthday–despite the fact that Stefan was missing and Elena was depressed. Just when you thought Caroline would never find love, she slept with Tyler and she seemed happy. When she snuck out the next morning, she was surprised by Mrs. Lockwood, who then shot her with vervain. Yikes!

She woke up in the Lockwood cellar as her father Bill came into the room with blood in his hand. He was there to “fix” her. Caroline was then tortured for an endless amount of time in order to get the vampire out of her. She is beyond strong in this episode and from this point on all I wanted was for Caroline to start having the perfect life. Is that too much to ask for?

Tyler and Liz Forbes found Caroline and took her to safety, and it looked like things were actually turning around. But of course things can never stay perfect when you live in Mystic Falls. Tyler became a hybrid this season and his sire bond to Klaus created a lot of friction not to mention the fact that there was a new Blondie in town, Rebekah.

As Rebekah infiltrated Caroline’s life and tried to take over as cheerleader and party planner, Tyler could not control the power that Klaus had over him and he bit Caroline–the bite of death. Klaus swooped in and saved Caroline, and he began to fall for her. Caroline, in another badass moment, turned Klaus down, which no one ever does. Her spell over men definitely got stronger in season three and frankly it impresses me how irresistible she has become to the men in town. I mean, Elena shouldn’t be the only girl with men fighting over her, right?

Despite her calm demeanor, Caroline still has jealousy issues, but hey, she is a teenage girl, remember. In “Homecoming, Caroline freaked out when Rebekah brought Matt as her date, saying, “The big deal is, Tyler, that Matt is an innocent person, who should not be going to dances with evil blood sluts.”

At the end of this season, Caroline was again taken hostage, which is fine because she is stronger then you’d think and she always manages to get out of terrible situations. This time around, evil Alaric took her and tortured her until Elena came to find her. In this finale, not only did Alaric die, but Klaus appeared to die, along with Tyler, since he was sired by Klaus. Also, both Elena and Matt went off the bridge at the end of the episode. Matt survived, but Elena died with vampire blood in her system. She woke up as a vampire.


Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/The CW.

At the beginning of the current season, Caroline mourned her lover, whom she thought had died. But soon she was captured (again!)–this time by the pastor’s men, along with Rebekah. Much to her surprise, she was saved by Tyler! Well, it was actually Klaus in Tyler’s body, but hey, she is still alive and that’s all I care about.

Stefan had issues with Elena transitioning and Damon being her go-to helper, so who did he turn to? Caroline. Caroline is now Stefan’s helper so that he will never become his Ripper self again. Just when you thought that Caroline was just another pretty face, she reminds us that her loyalty to her friends is what keeps this group together. Her helpful attitude when Tyler transitioned, being there for Elena when Stefan was in the wind as the Ripper, and acting as Bonnie’s go-to-girl when her Grams died, make her the perfect choice for Stefan’s new confidant.

But don’t let her heart-to-heart with Stefan fool you. There are moments of the old, jealous Caroline that come out when a new werewolf, Haley, comes to town and flirts with Tyler. Caroline doesn’t like it and she makes it known.

Although in the most recent episode, “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes,” Caroline showed off her sex appeal while distracting Klaus, there isn’t nearly enough Caroline this season. I want more! Give me an event where Caroline saves the day, or an emotional character moment, but either way, she needs to be around more often.

So there it is: Caroline went from a needy girl, who was crowned Miss Mystic Falls, to Vampire Barbie, who fights like a beast and can hold her own in the supernatural world that is The Vampire Diaries. I have said my piece; she is perfect, and a much better vampire then Rebekah and Elena (at least for now). Love her or hate her, but you cannot deny that she livens up Mystic Falls with her bubbly personality and classic one-liners. Oh, and that reminds me, here are some other memorable lines from the one and only Caroline Forbes:

  • “Yeah, then you poured Grams another shot and she told you about the aliens.” (Season 1, Episode 2)
  • “I am gonna drink until someone is hot enough to make out with.” (Season 1, Episode 7)
  • “So it’s true, I’m shallow. I’m worst than shallow, I’m a kiddy pool.” (Season 1, Episode 8)
  • “I don’t like sports cars. They’re too hard to make out in.” (Season 1, Episode 16)
  • “Now you want me to eat bunnies and I’m kinda freaking out, okay?” (Season 2, Episode 3)
  • “I’m getting better at it. I’m better than Stefan. He’s a bit of a problem drinker. A bloodaholic.” (Season 2, Episode 6)
  • “At the grill. I just stopped by to gawk and … stalk Matt.” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “Well, I think a Salvatore would look a lot better in a tux, and by that, I mean Stefan,” (Season 3, Episode 14)
  • “You are good at this, you know? You saved my vampire life, now you are saving hers. You should write a book. Go on The View.” (Season 4, Episode 3)

What about you? Any favorite Caroline moments or quotes? Tell us why you love Caroline in the comments.

Johnni Macke is a graduate of the University of Southern California. She is an aspiring journalist with a passion for television and an unhealthy obsession with fictional characters. She may or may not be planning to marry Tim Riggins or live in an apartment with a purple door and yellow frame with her gal pal Rachel Green. You can follow her on Twitter @Johnnimacke.

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