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2012 April 8

Is this the unhappiest threesome ever, or what? Photo: Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW.

Read on for my recap & review of The Vampire Diaries 3×17, “Break On Through,” aired Thursday, March 22nd, 2012:


Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Damon tried to teach Stefan control, leading to an awkward moment with Elena. Alaric was revealed to be crazy, unwittingly driven to kill Council members by the effects of the Gilbert ring. Damon turned Bonnie’s mom into a vampire, and Caroline teamed up with her witch bestie to help the newbie vamp through the transition. And Rebekah was trying to find out about the destiny of a second white oak tree. “Break On Through” admirably picked up all of these plot points and ran with them, providing story that affected everyone on the show. (Well, except for Matt. I guess he used up his screen-time allotment in the last episode.)

At first, I couldn’t quite figure out the meaning of the title “Break On Through,” but this was an episode about persevering through hard times—making it past your obstacles to the other side—so the title is fitting. This is television, so there are sure to be many more obstacles to come, but “Break On Through” did include a couple of limited victories. Of course, the title could also be a reference to the Doors song, using the metaphor of tripping on LSD to represent that whole vampire threesome mind-bendy thing. Either way. On to the recap …

In which Alaaaaaaric is a crazy psycho homicidal maniac and it hurts my heart …


The A story in this episode revolved around Alaric and the reveal that he has a crazy alter ego who has been killing people. I went into this episode nervous, you guys. Super nervous. I mean, it is not every week that my favorite character is revealed to be a homicidal maniac (I mean, I’m not a Damon fan), so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The promo for the episode featured Alaric wild-eyed, chasing after Meredith in horror movie villain fashion, so I was pretty nail-bitey and horrified. I felt like that time I watched, “Billy,” the Angel episode where the demonic nephew of a congressman infects men to channel their basest instincts. Basically, infectious violent misogyny. My #1 TV Boyfriend, Wesley Wyndam-Price, was infected and started chasing the girl he loved, Fred, around the Hyperion Hotel, trying to kill her and saying the worst things imaginable. Watching those scenes, I’m pretty sure I was close to cardiac arrest. In fact, I want to throw up right now, just thinking about it. HORRIFIC. So, this was my thought process before I even started the episode: nervousness, worry, nail-biting, heart palpitations, puke. Fun times. 

At the beginning “Break On Through,” we see Alaric go through a CAT Scan. Meredith wants to see if there was any medical problem behind his behavior. As Alaric lies in the tube, Elena and Meredith talk. We learn a little bit about Meredith’s motivations in helping Alaric (beyond the fact that Fells are “notorious busy bodies”). When Elena asks why she would protect Alaric, Meredith explains that she’s a doctor and he was sick, and also because she felt something when they first met. She just kind of wanted to help him. Meanwhile, poor Alaric stares at the creepy mirror thing in the CAT scan machine. And things get creepier. His reflection makes a different expression from the one actual Alaric is making. Gah! That is never a good sign. Just a little hint at what’s to come …

Later, Alaric is anxious to get out of there, and torn between denial and confusion. Elena goes into fix-it mode and says she’s going to call Bonnie. Since the rings were made by witches, maybe a witch can reverse the damage.

Then Elena heads to Casa Salvatore to pick up a book on Samantha Gilbert. Research to help better understand what they’re up against. Good job, Elena. Of course, Stefan is there and the two exes share another awkward moment. At first Stefan seems to want to hurry her out of there, but then he remembers what happened the last time Elena read a book at the lake house. THANK YOU, STEFAN. We don’t need a repeat of the dagger situation. Stefan: “You don’t have to read that, you know. I can just tell you what happened. Samantha Gilbert was committed to an insane asylum, she tried to give herself a lobotomy with a knitting needle, and bled to death on the floor of her cell. If the same thing is happening to Alaric, then there’s nothing you can do.” A ray of sunshine, this one. Elena: “Well, uh, I’m gonna let you get back to whatever it was you were doing.” Silly Stefan. Never tell Elena that there’s nothing she can do. You go, Elena!

Eventually, Elena calls Caroline to get Bonnie’s help with Alaric. It seems that Bonnie is not returning her calls. Ugh, that drama.

Meanwhile, Meredith and Alaric hang out in the Gilbert kitchen. He looks through some old police reports and tries to explain his violent rap sheet: “Well, I was stupid when I was younger. But listen, it’s not like these guys didn’t have it coming. This guy here broke a beer bottle over a bartender’s head. This guy hit his girlfriend. This guy … okay, this guy was just a douche. Everyone needs a way to deal with their dark side. Some people meditate. I became a vampire hunter.” Meredith: “Semi-retired.” He confesses that he was the one who killed her cousin, Logan. Meredith: “The vampire thing, it’s not my fight. I use their blood for what I need, and leave the judgment to everyone else. Although, I have kind of been wondering why you never drove a stake through Damon’s heart.” Alaric laughs. “I tried to once. He killed me. Yeah, yeah, it figures. The thing that started all this ring stuff was me being angry enough to think I could take on a vampire in the first place.” Hmmm. So the lesson is: don’t get mad at vampires and let them run roughshod over your life? Bad lesson. I would’ve liked to see an angry (non-crazy) Alaric instead—like what was hinted at when he first joined the Council earlier this season. Sigh.

When Elena returns home, Alaric gives her his important bank, will, and contact info. Just in case things don’t go his way. He wants to make sure that Elena and Jeremy will be okay. She assures him that they’ll all be fine.

Finally, Elena gets a callback from Caroline. Care explains: “So Abby thinks Bonnie can reverse the damage with a spell. I guess the same thing happens with witches who become obsessed with dark magic. They lose control and start acting out their darkest impulses.” Ooooh, interesting. I hope we meet a dark magic obsessed witch in the future! Right? Then Elena talks to Bonnie herself. MIRACLE! Bonnie is all business: “I need a personal effect of Alaric’s. Something he wore before he started wearing the ring.” Elena apologizes and thanks Bonnie for helping. At first, Bonnie kind of cuts her off, but then she adds a more good natured, “I’ll see you soon.”

Elena gets off the phone and updates Alaric on what she learned. Alaric suggests his wedding ring as a personal effect that he wore before the Gilbert ring. He tells Elena that it’s at the loft, in an aspirin bottle. They agree that Elena will go get it, while Meredith stays at the Gilbert house to keep watch over Alaric.

Later, at the loft, Stefan joins Elena. He sort of explains himself: “I’m not trying to hurt you, Elena. I just can’t be who you want me to be right now. I’m not in control.” Elena: “So what are you doing here?” He explains that he did some more digging on Samantha Gilbert. It turns out that Samantha killed 2 people in the institution—a nurse and a guard. Also, she was under suicide watch, which meant no personal effects—no jewelry. This means that the violent behavior can still happen, even if an affected person stops wearing the ring! Dun dun dun.

Meanwhile, Alaric wakes up on the couch, while Meredith makes coffee in the kitchen. AND HE WAKES UP CRAZY. He gets all weird and empties Meredith’s tranquilizers, and puts on his KILLER FACE. Uh oh. Hold me.

Back in the loft, Elena and Stefan continue their search for the wedding ring. Things get dramatic, obviously, because these two are involved. Stefan: “What if Bonnie’s spell doesn’t work? What are you gonna do with him?” Elena: “I’m not gonna do anything, Stefan. I’m gonna keep looking until we can find something that will help him.” Stefan is not convinced that this is the best plan of action. Elena: “It’s my family’s ring that is doing this to him. It’s my responsibility.” Stefan: “You can’t put that on yourself. Not everyone is your responsibility. Not everyone can be saved.” Elena: “Are we talking about Alaric here? Or are we talking about you? Because I wasn’t planning on giving up on either one of you.” Silence. Finally, Stefan opens a drawer and finds pictures of Alaric’s victims. Dun dun dun.

Soon, we see that the drawer also contains an envelope with Jeremy’s name on it. There is a letter to Jeremy from Alaric: “Jeremy, if anything happens to me, carry on my work. You have the other ring. Let the ring make you strong. The Council must be cleansed before the work can begin.” Then there’s a list of founding family members. A roster of sorts. Stefan: “It must be some sort of hit list.” Elena is in denial: “Alaric didn’t write this.” Stefan: “Who else would have written it?” Then they find the aspirin bottle with the wedding ring and rush back to the Gilbert house.

Meanwhile, Meredith continues to make coffee in the Gilbert kitchen, unsuspecting. Alaric asks her if she ever feels remorse. Uh oh. She starts to gets weirded out. Alaric: “You are a Council member, and the Council was formed to protect the people of this town from vampires, yet here you all are just looking the other way, ignoring your responsibilities. Like you with the vampire blood. So, I’m asking you, do you ever feel remorse? Because you should.” So creepy. So scary. ATTACK! Meredith runs towards the stairs, like any good horror movie heroine, and upon seeing that her tranquilizers have been emptied, runs up the stairs. Alaric chases and she makes her way into the bathroom, slamming Alaric’s hand in the door and stabbing it with scissors. Yuck. As she hides, we see that she’s sporting a major injury. Uh oh.

Stefan and Elena return home to a disaster zone. Alaric pretends to be normal, but Elena sees that he has an injured hand. Alaric explains that Meredith got called back to the hospital, and lies about how he hurt his hand. Elena lies about meeting up with Stefan and finding the ring, realizing what she’s up against. Then Elena sees a bloody knife on the floor, but before Alaric can react, Stefan chokes him unconscious. With Alaric out of commission, Stefan tells Elena that he needs her to come upstairs with him. They find Meredith very seriously injured in the bathroom. Blood everywhere. Stefan vamps out, but he’s able to control himself enough to feed Meredith his own blood instead of feeding. Elena tells Meredith that she’ll be okay, and Stefan rushes out, overcome by the craving.

The next morning (?), Alaric wakes up in bed, with Damon sitting in a chair nearby. Yep, Damon was just watching Alaric sleep. Alaric: “What the hell are you doing here?” Damon: “Just making sure the witch didn’t turn you into a toad or block of salt. Bonnie did a little spell, it’s nothing to worry about, just something to keep the killer in you at bay.” Alaric looks at his injured hand and asks, “Did something happen?” So, he doesn’t remember anything his crazy alter ego did. Damon: “Let’s just say that you’ve got an alter ego hellbent on killing Council members. So, we’re gonna pack up some of your stuff, we’re gonna go to the loft, just for a little bit. It’s like house arrest, lite.” Hee. Alaric asks where Meredith is. Damon spares the details: “She’ll be fine, Ric.” And another of Alaric’s relationships bites the dust.

Elena and Bonnie reunite downstairs in the kitchen. Bonnie offers some further explanation of the Gilbert ring’s effects: “Abby says that all the dying and coming back to life might have chipped away at Alaric’s psyche, making it easier for the darkness to take hold. These herbs are the binding element of the spell. He needs to take them twice a day. I’ll get you more. Abby and I are going to work on the garden.” Elena asks how Abby is. Bonnie says that the transition has been hard, but she thinks she’ll be okay, eventually. Bonnie plans to go back and stay with her for awhile. Elena apologizes and the two girls hug. Elena: “Please say that you forgive me.” Bonnie: “Of course I do.” Awww. (Finally.)

At the end of the episode Elena calls Jeremy. We see that he’s still wearing the ring. He tells his sister that he’s not flunking out any of his classes, and he got a dog. She asks if he has talked to Alaric lately, but he says no. He asks if everything is fine. She says yes. Liar. She doesn’t warn him to take the ring off. He asks if he can call her back later. He’s on the way out with some friends. (Friends who we can’t see … hmmm.) She says she misses him and he says that he does too. They hang up and Elena cries. I have SO MANY thoughts about Jeremy and his involvement. See the questions at the end.

Transitions and second chances …


While all the serial killer drama is going on, Bonnie is still dealing with the ramifications of “All My Children.” Abby was turned by Damon, and she has decided to go through the transition. Bonnie and Caroline are both staying with Abby at her house, helping her through. Care brings a cooler of blood over. She explains: “I got some O negatives, some A’s, and my personal favorite: B positive.” Hee. Adorable perfection. Bonnie’s tells her friend that she’s worried about her mom. Bon made Abby a daylight ring, and she’s just been standing out in her garden all day. Caroline assures her that it’s only been a few days, so Abby’s still adjusting. They walk over to Abby, and see that she’s upset. She can’t feel her garden anymore. She can’t feel anything. Abby goes inside, heartbroken. Bonnie explains to Caroline: “Witches have a connection to the earth. We can literally feel nature, life.” Bonnie does some magic to demonstrate this, making a flower grow. Nice. Bonnie: “When Abby became a vampire, she lost it. I don’t know how to help her.” Look, I get what they are trying to do here, and I know I should care, but … it’s hard to care about a character I don’t even know losing her green thumb, when Alaric is busy being a crazy serial killer, and Jeremy could be too. You know?

Caroline goes out to the yard to talk to Jamie. He’s chopping wood. (Wood is a very important theme in this episode. Ahem.) She tells him that Abby’s been asking about him, but he says he’s been busy. She reaches out to help him with the wood, and he freaks out. Caroline realizes that Jamie is afraid of Abby. Jamie: “She’s a vampire.” Caroline: “She needs to feel connected to the people she loves. She needs to feel normal right now.” Jamie: “She’s not normal. None of this is normal.” Caroline: “Well Abby didn’t choose this. It was forced on her. She could have let herself die, but she didn’t. She’s trying to make this work so she can be there for you and for Bonnie. So just … just get over yourself!”

With that pep talk, Jamie soon comes around. When he enters the house, he flirts with Bonnie a bit too. Jamie tells her that he wants to be there for Abby, and he volunteers to start a fire. He reunites with Abby, and the two hug. Unfortunately, Abby’s new vamp nature gets the better of her and she bites Jaime. Uh oh.

Luckily, Care and Bon come to the rescue. Bonnie brings her mom blood bags, and tells her that Caroline says this happens at the beginning. Abby wants to leave though–she doesn’t want to hurt them. Bonnie begs her mom not to give up on her again. “We can make this work.” Caroline comes in and says Jamie is fine: “Nothing a little vampire blood can’t cure.” Abby thanks her.

Later, we see Jamie and Caroline gardening. Possibly doing a little flirting of their own? He thanks her for all her help. She shares with him that she went through the same thing with her dad. Then Caroline hears something and realizes Abby’s up.

When Caroline enters the house, sad music plays (“Can’t Go Back”). Uh oh. Not a good sign. Care finds Abby writing a Dear John letter. Oh, Abby. Bad bad job with your second chance. Sigh. Care: “What are you doing? You’re leaving. Are you kidding me?” Abby: “I have to. I don’t know how to do this.” Caroline gives her a speech: “Do what? Be a vampire or a parent? Because I can help you be a vampire. I can teach you self-control. But being a parent, I mean, that’s all you. Bonnie grew up without a mom because you ran away once. But now you have an eternity to make up for it and you’re just gonna throw that away?” Abby thinks Bonnie is better off without her. Caroline: “No, she’s not! No one is better off without her parents.” Awww. Caroline calms down and makes another pitch: “She wants to make this work. Please, just stay.” Significant glances are exchanged. Abby doesn’t stay. “Tell them I’m sorry,” she says, on her way out the door. Sad. Poor Bonnie.

Vampire Threesome: A Tale of Old Wood


While all this other drama is going on, Damon has is his own agenda. As Damon explains, “Ric, the world can’t stop just because you’re an accidental psycho killer.” Damon thinks Rebekah is up to something, and he is right. As we already know, Beks is after the second white oak tree. Early on in the episode, we learn that the Wickery Bridge project is underway, and that Alaric is in possession of a historical sign. That will be important later.

At Wickery Bridge, Damon spies Sage. How convenient. Last episode we learned that she existed, and now she’s in town. Although, we will learn a good reason for her appearance soon. Sage greats Damon as her “ favorite student,” and Damon, in turn, greets Sage as his “hottest teacher.” Gross gross gross. Also, gross. He asks what she’s doing here, and she lies that she’s passing through. Rebekah approaches, not exactly thrilled to see Sage. Team Rebekah! Damon: “Easy there, Rebekah. You know, she used to beat men for sport.” Rebekah: “She always was quite common.” Team Rebekah! Turns out, Sage heard that Finn was freed from his casket. Aha! Rebekah: “Oh, Finn, you just missed him. He left town and didn’t tell a soul where he was going.” Sage: “He probably went looking for me.” Rebekah: “Or quite possibly forgot all about you.” Sage: “I doubt that.” Rebekah: “No? Because he didn’t seem to mention you. Sorry you came all this way for nothing. Have a nice life.” And with that last mean girl quip, Rebekah exits. Sage mutters, “God, I hate that elitist Original bitch.” Team Rebekah! (It bears repeating, okay.)

Damon and Sage step away from the bridge for privacy, to catch up. Damon asks the question on all of our minds: “Finn, really?” Sage: “He’s my one true love. He turned me so we could be together forever. Then Klaus daggered him and locked him away, and I’ve been waiting ever since.” Interesting. Well, at least that explains her presence in Mystic Falls, and why Rebekah knew her. Sage continues: “Please don’t tell me that you and Rebekah are friends.” Damon: “Not unless you count hate sex.” Sage: “Good. Because her and Klaus always treated me like some peasant whore.” Damon: “Ah, she’s just lurking around because she wants something from me. I can’t figure out what it is though.” Sage: “Then you should get inside her head and find it.” Damon: “Because it’s impossible. She’s too strong.” Sage: “I bet I could get in there.” Damon: “Sage, she’s an Original. It’s not gonna happen.” Sage: “Have you forgotten everything I’ve taught you? Rebekah may be an Original, but she’s a girl. You find her weakness and exploit it, and I’ll walk right in.” I mean, what? Really, Sage? You are THE WORST.

Back at the bridge, Damon approaches Rebekah, trying to make nice. He attempts flattery: “Did I ever tell you that you’re sexy when you’re bitchy?” She is annoyed after how he used her in the last episode. “You were mean,” she insists. Damon: “You like mean.” Beks: “No I don’t” Rebekah: “No? You didn’t get a thrill back there pushing Sage down? Crushing her dream of true love?” Rebekah admits that she may have, a little. Damon: “See? Mean. Can Sage and I interest you in a drink back at the house?” Rebekah: “Not a chance in hell.” Damon: “You know what they say: two’s company, three’s a party.” Rebekah is not unaffected. Oh, Rebekah, stay strong. Stay away from that horrible excuse for a party. (Spoiler alert: she doesn’t listen to me.)

Back at Casa Salvatore, Damon finds Stefan with a pile of empty blood bags. Oh, Stefan. Damon tells his brother to slow down, use control. Damon encourages his brother to embrace his vampirism: “Own it, live it, love it. Stop being ashamed of who you are.” All Stefan cares about is what Damon tells Elena. Sigh. (I’m skipping a lot of the Stefan-Elena drama in this episode. You’re welcome.) Damon adds one more note: “Unless you’re interested in a Sage-Rebekah Sex sandwich, I suggest you make yourself scarce.” Stefan wisely gets out of there, to avoid that disturbing picture.

A bit later, Sage and a piano player join Damon in the Salvatore drawing room. Sage insists that their get-together will be too tempting for Rebekah to resist. That is just THE SADDEST. Rebekah really must be the loneliest girl in all the world. Poor thing. Damon tells his old teacher that Finn is long gone, but Sage chooses to believe otherwise. Then she drinks the piano player, which is just poor party planning. I mean, draining the entertainment before the night has even started? Sigh. Sage then brings up Damon’s own love-struck past: “You know, the Damon I knew was holding out for someone too.” Damon: “Yes, he was. Hope’s a bitch, Sage. Get out while you can.” Finally, Rebekah arrives, with a bottle of stolen wine. The music amps up, and we are treated to “sexy dancing” between Sage and Damon. Lucky us. HIDE YOUR EYES, PEOPLE! SAVE YOURSELVES! Then Beks feeds on the piano player, I mean since he’s already been opened. She’s like that girl at a party hanging out at the punch table because there’s no one to dance with. Poor Rebekah. Eventually, Damon approaches her: “How bout a duet?” He feeds on the pianist too, and then he and Rebekah share some intense looks. Rebekah gets distracted by seeing Sage, and asks, “What about her?” Damon: “I don’t want her. I want you.” Just what Rebekah wanted to hear, it seems.

Once Rebekah goes to sleep, in Damon’s bed, Sage reads her mind. So, I guess this vampire power is an extension of that whole mind warp ability that Katherine used to use all the time. Sage just touches her head, and then is magically able to read her mind, I guess. But it seems that the mind must be relaxed beforehand, to be open to the mind reading. Hmmm. After using her vampire tricks, Sage undresses and hops in the shower. Damon follows. Presumably they are talking in the shower to drown out their conversation? Or just to be “sexy.” Damon compliments Sage on her amazing plan. Sage: “I told you if you got her comfortable enough, she’s an open book.” Damon: “Well, are you gonna torture me, or are you gonna tell me what she’s up to?” Sage: “I’d rather show you.” She kisses Damon and then he can see all the memories that Sage saw in Rebekah’s head. New vampire power alert! I mean, I know that this show is supernatural and vampires are unrealistic themselves, but this whole thing feels very … convenient. Oh well. We see all the recent scenes of Rebekah searching for the white oak tree, and Damon realizes what Rebekah is up to.

Later, Damon mulls through the library downstairs, searching for relevant milling records. He sends Sage upstairs to keep Rebekah distracted, and then discovers records that reveal … DRUMROLL … that the second white oak tree was used to build Wickery Bridge! LOVE IT.

As Damon burns the records, Sage enters and says that Rebekah left. Damon fills her in on what he found out. Big mistake. BIG. MISTAKE. Sage: “So all the wood stripped from the underside of that bridge is basically a weapon that could kill an Original?” Damon: “Yep.” Sage puts a snag in things: “You see how this could be a problem for me, right?” Damon freezes and puts down fire poker. “Why? Because of your true love Finn? Let me tell you something: I met the guy, you’re not gonna miss him.” Sage is not impressed: “I will rip your head off in two seconds if you take one more step.” Damon: “Alright, let’s make a deal. You help me kill Rebekah, I consider Finn untouchable, you guys walk into the sunset together.” Sage: “Is that a promise?” Damon: “Yes, it’s a promise.”

Soon after, Damon realizes that Sage double-crossed him, and he races to the Wickery Bridge. He arrives to find Rebekah next to a roaring bonfire. Oops.  She’s burning all the Original-killing-wood! Rebekah: “Your grand plans always seem to get ruined, don’t they? Sorry to disappoint you. Again.” Hee. Harsh, but true.

Damon yells at Sage: “You set me up!” Sage: “No. I’m just looking out for myself.” Damon: “I told you I’d save your creepy boyfriend!” Sage explains that she realized that he lied when she read his mind. He left out a very important development. The Originals are linked. Damon grabs her throat and screams, “I should end you!” Sage: “I’m 900 years, Damon. You’re not capable of ending me. Do you really think I would risk Finn’s life for one of your petty revenge fantasies?” Damon then tells her the truth about Finn trying to kill himself. Damon twists the knife further: “He doesn’t love you, Sage. Now, when I do find another way to kill those Originals, I’ll start with Finn.” He leaves and she looks upset.

When Damon returns to Casa Salvatore, Stefan is having a toast to control. Okay. It seems that Stefan has been filled in on all matters pre-bridge-bonfire, but Damon has some new info for him. Damon: “You know, Stefan, I’m a philanthropist. I make the world a better place. Restoring bridges, landmarks, and … [he unveils an item that he’s holding to reveal a wood sign] historical signs made out of the same white oak as the Wickery Bridge.” Alaric’s sign! Stefan: “They think all the wood burned.” Damon: “I sold my rage. You should have seen me.” Stefan: “We have a weapon.” Damon: “Game’s back on, brother. Let’s go kill some Originals.” Niiiiiiiiiice.

Further Thoughts & Questions:

  • For a crazy man, Alaric’s alter ego sure has a clear agenda–hit list and all. Such well-organized craziness makes me suspicious. And it’s also interesting that he’s going after Council members, just like Samantha Gilbert did. Why? A result of darkness? Why isn’t he killing more personal victims then? It seems that there is more to it than just channeling darkness, you know?
  • Alaric’s letter to Jeremy seems to indicate that Jeremy is involved. Could Jeremy have an  crazy killing agenda too? Is the ring affecting him in the same way as Alaric?
  • Related: how many times do you have to be killed and resurrected before you go crazy from the Gilbert ring? We don’t really know how many times Jeremy died with the ring. First there was the suicide/turning attempt in “Founder’s Day,” but he didn’t have the ring back then. So the first ring resurrection was when Damon snapped his neck in “The Return.” But later, when Jer went into the tomb in “The Sacrifice,” Katherine used him as an Everlasting Gobstopper. Who knows whether she ever took enough blood to kill him, or how many times she might have killed him?  Then the other time Jeremy died, in “As I Lay Dying,” the death wasn’t supernatural, so his ring couldn’t save him. Instead, he was resurrected by magic. I mean, leaving aside the whole ring thing, I would not be surprised if Jeremy turned out just plain run-of-the-mill nutso, given his history.
  • With most of the Originals unaccounted for, it’s also a possibility that one of them has Jeremy. Elena should get him home ASAP. I mean, right now he’s just waiting to be kidnapped and used as leverage.
  • This whole ring thing, along with the reveal of what dark magic does to witches, leads me to think of other things. What about compulsion? Can continually messing with people’s minds make them crazy too? Hmmm.
  • Do you think this will be the last we see of Abby? I don’t think so. I feel like there has to be more there, to justify all the time spent on that storyline. It can’t just go out like that. Are there further consequences to turning a witch into a vampire?
  • What about the significance of the Wickery Bridge? The fact that Elena’s parents died there, combined with the reveal that it was built with Original-killing wood makes it the most intriguing location in the series. I’ve wondered about the circumstances of Elena’s parents’ deaths for a long time, but this seems to confirm that there was way more going on. I can’t wait to find out more. Also, could the white oak have any other magical properties? Besides killing Originals?
  • And most importantly: will these herbs of Bonnie’s work? Or is Alaric doomed to stay crazy and keep killing people?

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Thank you for this lil summary Lucia! I haven't seen this episode yet which hopefully I'm looking forward to! So does it mean, Jeremy will be like Alaric? Unacceptable, Elena protect him much! Uh uh


"I mean, right now he’s just waiting to be kidnapped and used as leverage." I know! What's up with that?? Plus, I'm pretty sure Jeremy remembers or will remember pretty soon about Damon erasing his memories. I don't get Elena's thinking...I mean, I have a younger brother but he's like 2 years younger. I would NEVER dream of telling him what to do or anything. PLus he's six foot tall so there's that!lol So, Elena, stop bossing Jeremy around! Ok, rant over ! sorry!!!lol Great recap again!