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Watch the HOUSE OF LIES Premiere

2012 January 6
by Lucia

Photo Credit: Showtime.

Showtime’s new dark comedy, House of Lies, premieres this Sunday, January 8th, at 10 p.m. PT/ET. However, you have the opportunity to watch it now, for free, streaming online. Please note: it contains mature content, not suitable for all viewers. I have embedded it below, but you can also access the video via iTunes  and Showtime’s official site.

I didn’t love it. I found the plot and the characters somewhat off-putting and difficult to connect with. However, the stellar cast, including Don Cheadle as Marty and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars!) as Jeannie, will keep me tuning in. It definitely has potential, and I hope that it will find its legs soon. Plus, the actor who plays Marty’s son is incredibly charming and adorable. I found myself very invested in whether or not he would play Sandy in Grease. The premise of House of Lies relies on the inner workings and power plays at Galweather & Stearn, a company that does … something I have yet to figure out. It’s all very high-powered, money-money-money, and ruthless business moves. However, Marty’s family, as mentioned previously, provide a hint at a heart and soul to the show. We shall see.

In preparation for the upcoming series, Showtime has launched a new website: Check it out for an imaginative and closer look at the series. According to the press release: “The Galweather & Stearn site will serve as the main hub for all digital content for HOUSE OF LIES, including a look at the inner-workings of the firm, character bios, and a ‘Personal Power Points’ application. The app allows fans to connect using Facebook or LinkedIn, and receive a mock personalized consult from the Galweather A-Team on their work or love life.” Pretty fun idea, right? I love when companies come up with interactive ideas like this. Enjoy!

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