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Heroine TV Podcast #12: “Do they not have toothbrushes in Evil Land?”

2011 July 19

Neville FTW!

Jeannie returns to the podcast to join me in discussing the final Harry Potter film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. This podcast was recorded late Saturday night, July 16th, 2011. (Sorry, but it took me a long time to edit. We talked for a looooong time, so I cut a lot.) In addition to discussing the latest film, we fondly reminisce about our love of the Harry Potter books, and discuss the past films as well. This podcast contains spoilers for the final movie, so beware! Also, if you don’t want to hear people compare the books and movies, or you don’t want to hear opinions that are different from your own, do yourself a favor and sit this one out. We have been Harry Potter fans for 11 years, and feel entitled to air our opinions, thank you very much.

Then at the 1:23:45 mark (83 minutes and 45 seconds in) we discuss The Hunger Games book series. Jeannie just finished reading Mockingjay last week. Once again, there are spoilers, so beware.

Finally, there is some discussion of San Diego Comic-Con, beginning at the 2:04:40 mark (124 minutes and 40 seconds in). There may be some geeking out about Joss Whedon. Shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone. Take a listen on the player below, or subscribe via iTunes. Enjoy!


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RE: Transformers 3, you were offended by that one but you weren't offended by the little hillbilly robots and giant robots balls in Part 2? And let's face it, the intelligence level for all 3 was for 6 year olds, come on one of the robots starts peeing on a guy in the first one. There all too long in being over 2hrs, all three Transflicks could have been trimmed by 15mins at least, saying that I do like the first and third ones, but the second one was pretty awful imo. RE: The 3D, I don't like it at all it gives me headache, anytime there's a choice of 2D vs 3D I always want to go for 2D. Though I did end up seeing Green Lantern in 3D which wasn't necessary for the film, but I made sure to see Deathly Hallows Pt 2 in 2D. As far as Dumbledore goes, I actually prefer Michael Gambon's version as I found him more interesting. "It's too late to go to dinner, you already ate dinner" - you tell 'em! As far as Ron & Hermionie's kiss goes, I loved it - yeah it was cheesy but in a good way, it put a smile on my face. Everyone in the cinema actually really laughed hard when we saw Harry, Ron etc in 19 yrs later coda, probably because it wasn't very convincing, Gini looked exactly the same! Sorry that was rather scattered, I was writing as I listened.


I like the name lol I said that (: