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The Nine Paths to Chloe King: The Final Path

2011 June 13

The game box, over at

Time for the ninth and final path of the Nine Paths to Chloe King game!

Head over the ABC Family game site to play. However, this is a tricky one, so if you need any help, read on.  Here are the instructions for the Ninth Path:

“The Nine Paths Prophecy gives us clear instructions for the Ninth and final Path, “The Circle of Strangers must deliver the “TRUST NO ONE” message to “The Uniter”.It is time to spring into action and contact Chloe King!  Chloe King’s email address is somewhere on http:/  The Mai Scroll in the Box above holds the key to enter that site. Don’t forget to use your Book of Mai!

Once you gain entrance to, Chloe’s email address will be listed, but possibly in Russian or Ukrainian. You may need a little assistance.

The first person to find the correct email address, translate it to English and send Chloe the “Trust No One” message, will be rewarded!  Our fate and our Uniter’s fate is in your hands!”

I received almost identical information via email, so we are all in the same boat for this one.  Here’s how I figured it out and completed the path.  First, I used the Book of Mai (there’s a copy in the virtual game box, pictured above) to decode the Mai Scroll and find the key:

In the virtual game box, the code looks like a rectangular piece of beige paper with Mai symbols on it, and it’s lying on top of the pink bib.  Then I headed over to and entered the password: yeltihw.

This brought me to a list of email addresses, in a variety of languages.  Given the clue, and knowing Chloe’s origins, I looked for the ones using the Cyrillic alphabet, trying to match them to a name or word on the birth certificate.  (A copy of Chloe’s birth certificate is in the virtual game box–the document in blue ink, underneath the picture frame.) That was the wrong way to go.  What you’re actually looking for is an email address written in Russian or Ukrainian that translates to “Chloe King.”  Obviously the name Chloe King would not have appeared on the birth certificate.  D’oh!  However, the birth certificate is useful in another way. There are two ways to solve this path (that I found).  One: Copy and paste the names that look Russian or Ukrainian into Google Translate, and find the one that contains “Chloe King” in it.  Two: Find the email address on the list with the number that matches the red serial number on the birth certificate: 009342.  Ta da! Here’s the correct address:  009342: Хлоя короля @ instamailr dot com. This translates to

Finally, I sent the message—“Trust no one”—to Chloe, at the email address discovered above.  Path finished.  I know that I’m not the first one to send it in, but it was still fun to figure out the clues and play along.  Kudos to the people at ABC Family who came up with this creative game. I had a lot of fun. I look forward to the premiere of The Nine Lives of Chloe King tomorrow night at 9/8c, following the premiere of Pretty Little Liars.

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Apollo Morningstar
Apollo Morningstar

I know I wasn't the first either. I did figure it out on my own however (yay!). Just for the heck of it, I've been sending emails to other people on THE HUNTED list. I hope that at least one of them responds. It would add a new layer of depth to the game. I'm so jelious that you got all that free stuff!