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The Televixen’s TVD Podcast: “Basket of Bunnies” & “Bubble of Dumb”

2011 February 11

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW.

Earlier today, Melissa posted a new episode of the TVD Podcast over at … which reminded me that I forgot to post about the previous episode she posted over a week ago.  Oops.  So, if you want to listen to some Vampire Diaries discussion on “The Sacrifice,”  here’s the link to that podcast:  TVD Podcast: Basket of Bunnies.  Why is it entitled “Basket of Bunnies”?  You’ll have to listen and find out.  I joined Melissa (The Televixen), Vee (, Lee (From My Side of the Moon), and newcomer to the podcast, Crissy Calhoun (The Calhoun Tribune).  Connie had to sit out on that one, but she was back for the next one.  We had a lot of fun discussing all the brainless shenanigans going on in that episode, but more fun talking about heart snatching and potential tomb sex.

Once you’ve finished listening to that one, there’s a brand new episode, “Bubble of Dumb” (you all know that title refers to Mystic Falls).  I joined Melissa, Vee, and Connie (Blast Magazine) to discuss “By the Light of the Moon.”  Lee couldn’t make it for that one, but she should be back in the next podcast.  We talked Tyler’s transformation, Elijah’s awesomeness, Rose’s lack of awesomeness, Bonnie’s hilarious Luka-inspired facial expressions, and the introduction of Jules.  Also, I may have done some ranting.  Fair warning.  You can listen here: TVD Podcast: Bubble of Dumb.

Alternately, you can subscribe via iTunes, so that you never miss an episode.  Enjoy!

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