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Best SMALLVILLE casting news ever …

2010 September 22

Um, I think this is one of the pics that I had on my bedroom wall at the age of 11/ 12. Oh, nineties, never change. Photo Credit: / ABC.

Today I was thrilled to learn, via The Ausiello Files (and every single person that I follow on Twitter), that Teri Hatcher will be guest-starring on Smallville in the upcoming tenth and final season.  And she will be playing Lois Lane’s mom.  If you didn’t watch Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, this news may not excite you, but for those of us who spent time in the early nineties cutting Dean Cain’s picture out of magazines, and wishing they could have hair like Teri Hatcher, this is BIG.  Hatcher is MY Lois Lane, guys.  For serious.  Watching Lois & Clark as a tween really inspired my love for the character of Clark Kent/ Superman, and the 1993 series was probably one of the main reasons why I tuned into Smallville in the first place.

Head over to and Zap2it for all the deets, and then feel free to squee along with me.  Oh, and in case you don’t own the entire series on DVD like me (did I mention I was OBSESSED), then get nostalgic by watching the opening credits.

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It is pretty awesome. I did think it would be cool to have Teri come on and voila it happened. Now if only this could happen more often.


It has to be said again, even though I already told you on twitter. SO agreed that it's the best news EVER. I, along with you, probably (ok did) start watching Smallville because I *loved* Lois and Clark as well. It doesn't get a whole lot better than my two fav Lois' all in one place on the same show.