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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Let the Right One In”

2010 April 13

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW.

Read on for my detailed recap & review of The Vampire Diaries episode 1×17, aired April 8th, 2010:

A violent storm.  A plan for revenge.  Torture.  A daring rescue.  Another snazzy Alaric-made weapon.  A long awaited reveal.  And Stefan drinking human blood.  It was quite the episode.  Since soooo much happened, my recap will be on the long side, so make sure to have beverages and snacks ready.  Oh, and be prepared for some whiplash, as I actually have good things to say about Damon this week.  What?  Constantly contradicting myself is one of my most charming traits.  Let’s take a deep breath, and get into the action.

We open on Elena in bed—her own, in case you were wondering.  There is a storm coming to Mystic Falls, and Elena wakes up in the middle of the night to find that her window is open.  She closes it and looks a little scared.  Since she clearly lives on a Hellmouth, and her brother is constantly inviting vampires over to her house, I can’t really blame her for her concern.  Seriously, Elena, you need to call Willow Bonnie to come and magically un-invite a certain vampire who once kidnapped you and is dating your brother.  As soon as possible.

Cut to Anna at Jeremy’s window.  She says that she loves storms.  Jeremy asks: “Is that a vampire thing?  Because I read that vampires don’t like running water.”  I read that somewhere too.  Now, where was that …?  Oh yeah, in The Vampire Diaries! Anna, however, clearly never read L.J. Smith’s books, as she says that it is only Dracula who has this problem.  She also says that this phobia made him smelly.  Well, at least he never turned her into a “spider-eating man bitch.”  It could be worse.  She smiles, and tells Jeremy not to believe everything he reads.  Jeremy, who asked Anna to turn him into a vampire in the last episode, wants to know more.  She scoffs, “Look, I’m not gonna turn someone who learned everything he knows about vampires from Netflix.”  Ha!  Although we clearly know that’s not true, what with Jonathan Gilbert’s journals and all.  Anna asks why he wants to be turned.  Good question!  Instead of saying, “Because I have serious emotional issues, which have been buried under the surface due to Damon erasing my memory, following the death of the girl I loved,” he says nothing.  Anna: “Let me know when you can finish that sentence.”  Then Elena pops in, and Anna is gone.  Elena tells her brother that there is a huge storm coming in, and asks him to help make sure all the windows are closed.  Oh, I don’t think the windows are going to help much in this storm.  Brace yourselves, Gilberts.

At the Vampire Farm House, Pearl and Frederick are still on speaking terms.  Pearl should have staked him in the heart, as now he is sure to be even more angry and rebellious.  Sigh.  He says that they’re running low on blood, and wants to go with Anna to the hospital.  Pearl says no, of course, especially after his stunt with the Salvatores.  Frederick: “He and his brother deserved it.”  Pearl states the obvious: “And where did that get you?  Your girlfriend Beth Anne is dead.  And you have no one to blame but yourself.”  Well, she’s not wrong.  Yet.  She continues: “We cannot live our lives about revenge.  We have to have better control of our emotions.”  Um, Pearl, are you even listening to yourself?  How does this jive with your speech to Damon last week?  And your anger every time the name Gilbert is mentioned?  Frederick: “I understand, Miss Pearl.  I just wish I knew what you were up to.”  Pearl is going to make an exploratory visit into town, to find out who is under the influence of vervain, and who isn’t: “Anna tells me that the players haven’t changed much.  It’s still the Lockwoods, the Forbes, the Fells.”  Ooh, are there still Fells who are alive?  I want to meet Logan’s relatives.  On second thought … scratch that.  They might be like Logan.  Ick.  Frederick doesn’t want to stop at an investigation: “And we should kill every last one of them.”  Pearl: “We’re smarter than that, Frederick.  These people are not our enemies.  We don’t hold grudges and resentments.  We’ll get our town back.  We just have to have patience.”  You don’t hold grudges and resentments, Pearl?  Yeah right.  And since when is it your town?  I really need some more back story in order to determine whether Pearl has become a crazy person with troll logic.  I love you, Pearl, but you seem pretty delusional to me.  Also, during this little tête-à-tête, it is important to know that Frederick has been whittling a STAKE—as in, something made of wood, and used to kill vampires.  And Pearl doesn’t seem to notice or care.  Um, Pearl, you really need to pay more attention.  Pearl leaves, and some other vamps come in, as the menacing music begins to play.  Frederick creepily says: “Patience.  Self control.  She seems to have it all figured out, doesn’t she?”  And we see him holding the now finished stake.  So, who do you think he wants to kill first?  Pearl, or a Salvatore brother?

And speaking of those vampire brothers, we then cut to Casa Salvatore, where Elena, Stefan, and Damon discuss the previous night’s events.  Damon wants to go to Pearl’s to kill the vamp who attacked them.  Stefan points out the obvious problem with this plan—the 25 or so other vamps at the house.  Elena is not so thrilled with Damon: “I can’t believe that you made a deal with her!”  Damon defends himself: “It was more like a helpful exchange of information.  It’s not like I have a choice, she’s … scary.  Besides, she’s gonna help me get Katherine back.”  Oh, Damon.  That is not going to end any better a second time.  But since I selfishly can’t wait to see more of Katherine, I say bring on the trouble.  Elena: “Of course she is.  Damon gets what he wants as usual, no matter who he hurts in the process.”  Well, she finally seems to have figured out the guy, and the show for that matter.  Damon says that she doesn’t need to be snarky about it, but Elena begs to differ: “I woke up this morning to learn that all the vampires had been released from the tomb.  I’ve earned snarky.”  Damon: “How long are you going to blame me for turning your birth mother into a vampire?”  I couldn’t help but laugh at that question.  Does he really think that this is something to be forgiven in a few days?  He is so out of touch with reality.  Or am I the one out of touch with reality?  In Damon’s defense, it only took one episode for Elena to forgive him for trying to kill her best friend, so … yeah.  Elena assures Damon, “I’ve accepted the fact that you’re a self-serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities.”  Ha!  Damon: “Ouch.”  Stefan says that this is not very productive, and assures them that they will find a way to deal.  Once Damon leaves, Elena turns to Stefan: “I’m sorry.  He just makes me so cranky.”  Stefan: “He makes everyone cranky.”  Hee.  Elena and Stefan embrace, and Stefan worries about her safety, as usual.  He says that he and Damon will handle everything.  In turn, Elena worries about Stefan’s safety.  Stefan:  “What do mean?  I’m perfectly safe.  I’ve got Damon the self-serving psychopath on my side.”  Ha!  That actually does work to Stefan’s advantage this week.  A self-serving psychopath is just what you need, when your enemies are also self-serving psychopaths.

At the Mystic Grill, Jeremy and Anna continue their discussion about turning Jeremy.  Yawn.  Sigh.  Shut up, Jeremy Swan.  He wonders if her mom knows that she’s a vampire, and Anna and the audience sigh in exasperation.  She notes that the fact that he said that proves that he is not ready to be turned.  Jeremy: “’Not ready’ is a step up from ‘no.’”  Anna:  “And a million steps down from ‘maybe.’”  Anna notices Jeremy’s vervain-filled bracelet, and admires it.  He tells her that his sister gave it to him.  Jeremy then further proves that he’s not ready to be turned by saying that his sister has no idea what Anna is, and suspecting nothing when Anna wants to keep her true identity a secret.  Not that Elena has even bothered to check in and see if Jeremy is hanging out with Anna.  If my brother was dating a vampire, I’d be a little more investigative and protective.  Especially if said vampire had kidnapped me and my best friend.  Oh, Elena, just when I start liking you again … sigh.  Jeremy offers the bracelet, his only protection against vamps, to Anna, a vampire.  The evidence continues to mount.  Anna is clearly falling for Jeremy, but is a little wary: “You only like me because of what you want from me.”  Jeremy: “No, I like you.”  She tells him to keep the bracelet, as it looks better on him.  Aw, she really cares about him.  These Anna/ Jeremy scenes are succeeding in making me dislike Jeremy more and more, but making me love Anna more and more.

Matt and Caroline are also at the Grill.  Matt is working and Caroline is getting ready to leave.  Matt tells Caroline that he yelled at his mom, and he’s worried that maybe he pushed her too hard.  Caroline thinks that maybe Kelly needed to hear it, and advises: “Well, you can’t control your mom, Matt.  Any more than you can control your sister.”  I’m tempted to fast forward this recap after that Vicki reference, but I’ll try to be patient.  Matt shows his vulnerable side (just in case we didn’t already love him enough): “I wish that she would just try.  If she would just try to try, that would be enough.”  Caroline: “Maybe she’ll surprise you.  People have a tendency to do that.”  She says that she has to go, despite the storm: “It’s my dad’s boyfriend’s daughter’s birthday.  We have a non-traditional traditional ritual.”  Ha!  We must meet Caroline’s dad and his boyfriend soon!  Matt advises her to be safe on the road, and they kiss goodbye.  Enjoy your last moment as a happy couple, you two.  TV rules clearly state that tragedy must strike soon.

At Casa Salvatore, Stefan is getting ready to head out.  Damon: “Hunting party?”  Stefan says that he has to get his strength up, due to all the bleeding from last night.  Damon tells him that there’s a cheerleader and a soccer mom in the fridge, but Stefan says no.  Damon: “Give my regards to the squirrels.”  That’s right.  In case you forgot, Stefan does NOT drink human blood.  Only furry woodland creatures.  That will be important later.

Cut to Stefan out in the woods hunting bunnies, when a group of vampires appear.  Surprise surprise: Frederick is the ringleader.  And he stakes Stefan in the stomach.  Uh oh.

Sometime later, Damon comes knocking on Elena’s door, all fired up.  He tells her, “You’re ignoring me.”  Elena: “The six missed calls?  Sorry, my phone’s dead.”  Ha!  Definitely one of my favorite lines of the episode.  Hee.  Damon asks if Stefan is there, because he went out to the woods and hasn’t returned.  He’s not picking up his phone either.  Elena wonders where he could be.  Damon: “You’re not gonna like what I’m thinking.”

Cut to Damon at the Vampire Farm House.  He yells for Pearl, but Frederick answers the door, saying that Pearl is not there.  Damon demands to know where his brother is.  Frederick makes it no secret that Stefan is there, but Damon can’t enter.  Frederick advises the owner of the house, Miss Gibbons, to “never let this bad man in.”  The very compelled Miss Gibbons (with quite a realistic and scary looking bite mark on her neck) parrots: “I’ll never let him in.”  Frederick commences with the You-Will-Pay portion of the evening: “145 years left starving in a tomb thanks to Katherine’s infatuation with you and your brother.  The first few weeks, every single nerve in your body screams with fire.  The kind of pain that could drive a person mad.  Well, I thought your brother might like to get a taste of that before I killed him.”  He calls for his vampire minion Billy, who stakes Stefan some more, but not in the heart.  Damon just has to watch, powerless, which is sure to make him all kinds of angry.  But Frederick is too much of an idiot to capture Damon right then and there.  Instead, he and his vampire buddies just let Damon leave, unharmed … and pissed off.  Bad move.  Why do the villains in movies and TV insist on being so self destructive?

Damon goes back to the car, where Elena is waiting.  Elena sees him approaching, and meets him outside with an umbrella. [See the lovely picture at the top of this post.  So pretty.]  He explains that he can’t enter the house and save Stefan, because the woman who owns the house has been compelled to not let him in.  As Elena is human, she says that she can get in, but he tells her that she’s not going in there, very adamantly.  Someone is a little too invested in Elena’s safety, and his name rhymes with F-amon.  She wonders why they took Stefan.  Damon: “Revenge.  They want revenge.”  She says that they have to get Stefan out, but Damon doesn’t know how.  Luckily, Elena has a plan, as we shall soon learn.

Meanwhile, Stefan is strung up in the basement … shirtless, of course.  Paul Wesley’s abs clearly have their own contract, and they are allowed more screen time than certain actresses on this show.  There is vervain on the ropes, and the vamps engage in some torture.  This scene made a lot of people very happy, I’m sure.  Harper comes in and says that this isn’t right.  Aw, he’s a good vampire, with a heart of gold.  Frederick says that Stefan killed Beth Anne.  This does not sway Harper, as she was … Beth Anne.  Frederick: “Pearl says we’re not here for revenge, right?  I say that’s exactly what we’re here for.  Starting with this.  And his brother.  And anyone else who gets in our way.”   This exposition is, of course, accompanied by more torture.  And did I mention the TORTURE?!  Harper tries to step in, reminding Frederick that Pearl will not like this.  Frederick is long past caring: “Miss Pearl is no longer in charge.  [He addresses his minions:] Tie him up, and stake him down.”  Ouch.

Cut to the high school, where we see Alaric walking alone down the hallway.  But don’t worry, Team Alaric.  With his special ring, Alaric can do all the clichéd things that would usually get one killed in horror movies, safely.  Keep on slowly strolling down a dark hallway in an empty school after hours—I dare you.  Damon approaches: “Well don’t you look … alive.”  Why yes, he does, Damon.  And you better keep it that way.  Alaric: “You can’t hurt me.”  Damon: “Oh, I can hurt you alright.”  Good point.  Alaric can’t die, but he can still be hurt.  I mean, I’m pretty sure that he still feels pain.  Hmmm.  We must learn more about that ring.  Elena comes from around the corner: “Mr. Saltzman, we need your help.”

In one of the classrooms, Elena and Damon explain the Stefan situation to Alaric.  Elena: “I would go, but …”  Damon: “But your life [turning to Elena] is valuable.  Yours [addressing Alaric], on the other hand is….”  Well, why don’t you tell him how you really feel?  Elena: “Stefan told me about your ring.”  Alaric: “What about it.”  Damon: “Let me recap.  You tried to kill me.  I defended myself.  You died.  And according to my brother, your ring brought you back to life.  Am I leaving anything out?”  Alaric: “Yeah, the part where I try to kill you again.  Only this time I don’t miss.”  Oh, and the part where Alaric had a pretty good reason for trying to kill Damon.  Damon’s recap is a little biased.  Just saying.  Elena begs Alaric, but he says sorry, but it’s not his problem.  Damon then states that the woman in charge can help him find his wife.  Alaric says that he’s lying, but Damon insists, and calls him a coward.  Alaric clearly has Marty McFly syndrome, as he lets this “coward” comment bait him.   He looks at his ring, and says (silently) to himself, “Nobody calls me chicken!” and then agrees to help.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Anna are having the same conversation again, but Jeremy finally figured out a reason.  He gives a speech about how there is something missing in his life, and how he doesn’t fit in.  Anna: “So you want a pity turn?  I don’t think so.”  Ha!  Jeremy: “You should turn me because I don’t have anything else.”  Anna clearly feels bad for him, but explains: “Do you even know why we turn other people?  It’s not to give someone a one way ticket out of lonerhood, o.k.  One: We need someone to do our dirty work.  Two: Revenge.  Three: Boredom, but that never turns out well.  Then, you know, there is the obvious one: You love someone so much that you would do anything to spend all of eternity with them.  I’m sorry, but you don’t fit any of those categories yet.”  Ah, “Yet,” she said.  Poor Anna is falling in love … with Jeremy.  They are interrupted, however, when Anna sees her mom come in, and hurries off.

Anna tells her mother that she got the blood.  When Pearl asks about the boy whom she was talking to, Anna withholds his identity.  On their way out, they run into Mayor Lockwood and Tyler.  Tyler still exists!  The mayor tells Pearl that it is treacherous out there, and warns against driving in the rain.  She blows him off, but then hears the waitress call him Mayor Lockwood, and decides to stay.  He invites them to join Tyler and himself, and Pearl agrees.  Tyler notices the way that his dad is looking at the gorgeous woman: “Be more creepy, Dad.  It’s not like your son is standing right here.”  Ha!  With lines like that, I’m happy to see Tyler’s return.  Mayor Lockwood tells his son to get over it, as there is an election coming up, and she’s a seemingly rich constituent.  Tyler: “And you can tell all that just by looking at her ass?  Awesome.  I’m gonna go shoot some pool.”  Hehe.  Oh, Tyler, stick around, please.

Back at the high school, Elena, Alaric, and Damon prepare for their rescue mission.  Damon to Alaric: “Teacher by day, vampire hunter by night.”  Alaric: “I have you to thank for that.”  Yeah, those two are not getting over their issues anytime soon.  Elena looks at some of Alaric’s fancy weapons, and asks what they are.  He explains that they’re tranquilizer darts filled with vervain.  Of course they are.  This is just as good as that fabulous stake gun.  I don’t think that I could possibly love Alaric more.  Damon doesn’t love Alaric as much as me, however, and tells him: “Just get me in, and I’ll take care of the rest.  Elena picks one up of the tranq darts, and Damon tells her no, as he can totally tell what she is thinking.  Elena says that he needs her, and that she’s going in, but Damon says no way.  Damon reiterates to Alaric: “So when you get me in, get out as quickly as you can.  […]  You’ll basically just be in the way.”  I think not.  Elena: “Damon, now is not the time to be the lone ranger.”  Damon: “Fine, Elena.  You can drive the getaway car.  You’re not going in the house.”  Elena: “You can’t stop me.  It’s Stefan we’re talking about here.  You don’t understand.”  Damon: “Oh, I understand.  I understand.  He’s the reason you live.  His love lifts you up where you belong.  I get it.”  She tells him not to joke around, but Damon actually gets pretty damn serious: “I can’t protect you, Elena.  I don’t know how many vampires there are in there.  [He snaps his fingers.] That’s how long it takes you for you to get your head ripped off.  I have to be able to get in and get out.  I can’t be distracted by your safety, or this will end up a blood bath that none of us walks away from, including Stefan.  I know.  I understand.”  Ooh, he was very intense and genuine for once.  I kind of got the shivers.  Damon is never better than when trying to save his brother’s life.  I’m not a huge fan of Damon or Stefan individually, a lot of the time, but their relationship is an entirely different matter.  The dynamic between the two brothers is the glue of the show.  The absolute highlight.  Alaric, however, is not exactly moved, and says that they should get going.

Meanwhile, Caroline is driving in the storm, and talking on her cell to Matt.  Some road is closed or something, and he advises her to turn around and go back the way that she came.  Unfortunately, in the process of doing that, she gets her tires stuck in the mud.  And then her cell isn’t working.  Greeeeaaaat.

At the Vampire Farm House, Alaric knocks on the door.  He says that his car broke down and he needs to use a phone.  Frederick lets him in, probably planning to make him an afternoon snack.  As Alaric is led through the house, we can see that all the vamps are playing pool and listening to music.  They sure adjusted to being in a 21st century motorcycle gang quickly.  Miss Gibbons shows Alaric where the phone is, in the kitchen, but it’s a trap.  Before the vamp minion can attack, however, Alaric does.  Oh, Alaric the Vampire Slayer, I heart you.  Alaric tries to convince Miss Gibbons to let Damon inside, but no luck.  Damon is impatient, and tells Alaric just to get her out of the house, which Alaric does.  Then Damon very quickly, and without even thinking, breaks her neck.  Alaric is upset: “You were supposed to compel her!”  Damon: “It doesn’t work that way.”  Alaric: “She’s human.”  Damon: “And I’m not, so I don’t care.  Now, get out of here, and get rid of the body.”  O.K., here is where the whiplash may set in, dear readers.  I totally loved that moment where Damon killed Miss Gibbons.  I was totally on Damon’s side in that moment.  I know, I know, I usually complain about Damon killing humans, but in this case it absolutely worked in just the right shade of charcoal grey.  Damon knew that it had to be done to get into that house, and he couldn’t trust Stefan’s safety to anyone besides himself.  Plus, with Frederick and company constantly drinking poor Miss Gibbons, she was bound to depart from this world soon anyhow.

Meanwhile, Elena waits in the getaway car, and a falling tree branch scares her.  She sees the tranq filled with vervain, and is contemplative.  Oh, I bet we all knew what she was thinking in that moment.  And she is SO going to hold onto that needle, and use it to save someone’s life later.

At the Mystic Grill, Pearl and Mayor Lockwood discuss property.  Pearl: “I’m in the process of obtaining some property.  I understand that your family is the largest property owner in town.”  Of course she leaves out the part where she will obtain that property from Lockwood’s cold dead fingers.  Mayor Lockwood: “Why yes we are.  Dating all the way back to the town’s original charter.”  Pearl: “Your father came into a lot of new property in 1864.”  Mayor Lockwood: “You know your history.”  Pearl: “It’s a passion of mine.”  Hmmm.  So, this would imply that the vampires who were entombed were property owners.  Interesting.  So maybe Pearl was not employing crazy troll logic after all in desiring her town back?  But weren’t Pearl and Katherine only passing through?  What was their relationship to the other vampires?  What was the relationship between those other vampires and the town?  I must know more.  Flashbacks, please.

At the bar, Tyler notes that his father is not even subtle.  Word.  Matt: “Who is that?”  Tyler: “It’s not my mother.”  Poor Tyler.

Jeremy approaches Anna, who is playing darts.  She texts him to keep his distance.  He complains, and she texts him to “suck it up.”  Jeremy: “Turn me and I will.”  Shut up, Jeremy.  Pearl asks the Mayor about the boy over there staring at her daughter, as Anna and Jeremy are doing a terrible job keeping things on the down low with their “stealthy” texting.  Lockwood says that he is Jeremy Gilbert, and Pearl is NOT pleased.

Back at the farm house, one of the vamp minions goes into the kitchen to check on things.  He sees the food processor on, and Damon attacks.  Two down. Twenty-three (?) more to go.

Meanwhile, Alaric returns to an empty car.  “Dammit, Elena!”  He picks up his bag of weapons and turns back to the house.  The vampire slaying business is hard work.

Elena has made her way to the house, and sneaks into the basement.  She holds the vervain needle, but before she can use it Damon takes out the vamp guarding the entrance, and asks her, “Are you insane?”

Cut to Caroline biding time in her car.  Now that it has gotten dark, she thinks it’s a good time to get out of the car and walk INTO the woods to get better reception.  Oh, Caroline, I may stop liking you if you keep up such behavior.  And, of course, she falls down the ravine.  Sigh.  [But I shouldn’t be too annoyed, as this has an extremely important result, which I have been anticipating for months.]

Back at the Grill, Anna and Pearl are in the bathroom.  Anna tries to defend herself: “He’s my friend.  What’s the big deal?”  Um, I think you know what “the big deal” is, Anna, or you wouldn’t be hiding it.  Pearl refreshes her daughter’s memory: “His family is the reason that I was stuck in a tomb for over a century.”  Well, his family is the reason you almost got killed.  Damon, Emily, and Katherine are the reason you were stuck in a tomb.  Anna: “That doesn’t mean he’ll make the same choices.”  She wants her mother to stop treating her like a child.  Since she must be at least 500 years old, I see her point.  Pearl: “Then stop acting like a child.  As soon as Jeremy finds out what you really are, he’ll turn on you.”  Anna drops the bomb that he already knows: “He likes it, and he likes me.”  Pearl slaps her daughter.  See, this is just what I was worried about last week.  Stupid Jeremy drama.  Please don’t fight, ladies.

Then we cut back to Stefan and his abs.  I’m surprised that the camera stayed away from the seven of them for so long.  Stefan to Harper: “Thank you, for trying to help me.”  Harper is full of wisdom: “They just needed somebody to blame, someone to punish.”  Elena and Damon enter, ready to rescue.  Stefan tells Damon not to kill Harper, and Damon actually listens, muttering “whatever.”  Elena undoes the vervain-soaked ropes, and takes the stakes out of Harper.  Damon is annoyed at the delay, and tells Elena: “You rescue. I’ll distract.”

Upstairs, Frederick and the other vamps are listening to music that they really should not be liking.  I mean if people from the 1950s couldn’t appreciate rock n’ roll, then people from the nineteenth century should need a little more time to adjust to the “noise” of modern music.  Am I basing too many opinions on Back to the Future?  Probably.  Frederick tells one of the vamps to turn down the music, and realizes that something is wrong.  Then he sees a staked vamp fall, and orders the minions to spread out.  He takes the stake out of the fallen vamp.

Meanwhile, Elena and Stefan are making their way through the woods.  She is trying to help him, but they fall, causing Elena’s hand to BLEED.  And did I mention the BLOOD?  That will be important soon.

Back in the house, Damon and Frederick fight, and it is going well for Damon.  But then things turn, with other vamps joining in, and Alaric uses his special gun to save Damon’s life.  Instead of saying thank you, Damon tells him that he’s going after Frederick.

But Damon is not quite fast enough.  Elena and Stefan make it to the car, and get in.  The keys aren’t there (at least I think that was the problem), and Elena realizes something is wrong. Sure enough, Frederick attacks and stakes Stefan some more.  He exposits: “This is for Beth Anne.  And this is for the tomb.”  Thanks for explaining, Frederick.  Sigh.  Before Frederick can make a fatal stab, however, Elena uses her vervain tranq.  I knew that would come in handy.  However, Stefan has lost a lot of blood, and does not look to good.  Elena tries to rouse him, but to no avail.

In the farm house, Alaric gets bitten but fights back.  Yeah, he does.  He meets back up with Damon, who says that Frederick is gone.  As the two get ready to leave, however, they see a number of vamps approaching.  Damon: “How many of those vervain darts you got left?”  Alaric: “One.”  Damon: “Not gonna be enough.”

Meanwhile, we Matt and Kelly Donovan have mother-son bonding moment.  Kelly takes a casserole out of the oven, and Matt jokes that he doesn’t know what that is.  Hee.  Kelly: “Well, sit down.  You might want to order pizza.  I’m out of practice.”   She assures him: “I know it’s been rough, but I’m gonna try, I mean, really try this time.  You just got to bear with me.”  Aawww.  She’s really trying.  Then door bell rings.  Uh oh.  Matt says he’ll get it, and Kelly quips, “That bad, huh?”  But it’s not a laughing matter, as when Matt opens the door it is (a surprisingly non-muddy) Caroline, and she looks verrrrrry serious.  Then her mother, Sheriff Forbes, steps forward.  I think we all knew what had happened at that point.

Back at the Grill, the Mayor gets the call: Vicki’s body was found.  The storm unearthed her grave, and Caroline must have come upon it when she fell down that ravine.  Tyler and Jeremy, both of Vicki’s exes, are there to hear the news, and are visibly shaken.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Elena feeds Stefan blood from her hand.  He tells her to run.  Elena refuses: “Here, take my wrist.  You need my blood.”  He tells her to run again.  She says, “No, I trust you.”  And he feeds on her.  It’s not as epic as when Angel fed from Buffy in “Graduation Day, Part II,” but it was pretty intense.  Excuse me while I bust out my Buffy dvds and rewatch that amazing scene.  Aaaaaaaand, okay, I’m back.

Cut to the Vampire Farm House, where Damon and Alaric wait inside for the slowly walking vampires.  I mean, are they vampires are zombies, with their snail-like ways?  Knowing the truth, Alaric asks: “So, what you said to get me to do this, about my wife, it was a lie, wasn’t it?”  Damon: “Yep.”  Aawww.  Poor Alaric.  Of course Elena and Stefan could help him out with that … not that either of those self-absorbed people thought to offer.  Sigh.  Someone finally makes it to the door, but it’s not the zombie-vamps.  It’s Pearl and Anna, arriving home.  Pearl sees the carnage and, horrified, asks Damon what he did.  Damon: “Me?  Your merry little band of vampires spent the day torturing my brother.”  Pearl is not pleased to hear this.  She assures Damon: “Trust me.  The parties responsible will be dealt with.”  I wish that I could believe you Pearl, but I don’t know.  He tells her that their arrangement will not work with such shenanigans, noting: “If I had a good side, not a way to get on it.”  O.K., guys.  I actually wrote in my notes after this scene: “I like Damon.”  What is happening to me?

Out in the woods, Frederick gets up, like any good villain.  Stefan stakes him, however, and is pretty growly and intense about it.  He gets all animalistic, and growls at Elena when she approaches.  All of a sudden she is all sensitive to blood and vampires.  This is not even close to the worst thing she has had to deal with recently.  Whatever.

Back at Casa Salvatore, Elena is all pensive, and Stefan contrite.  They are a bit awkward together.  Stefan: “Elena, what you did today … coming to help me … you could have been killed.”  Elena: “I know.”  Stefan: “And what I did, sorry that … I’m sorry that you had to see it.”  Elena: “I just never … you were like this other person.  And it’s my fault.  I made you.”  Oh, Elena, do NOT go there.  Ever.  Again.  Stefan: “No, you didn’t make me do anything.  You were saving my life, and I was saving yours.”  He touches her face and tells her that it’s going to be o.k.  This moment is interrupted, however, thank goodness, by a call from Jeremy.  Cue the sad music and the misty eyes, because things are about to get SAD.

At the Donovans, Kelly is torn up, teary-eyed and in shock.  Jeremy is looking like he always looks.  Tyler is visibly upset.  Caroline goes into Matt’s room with coffee.  He thanks her.  Caroline: “Are you … is there anything I can do?”  He tells her that he just needs to be alone right now, and walks out.  But then Elena arrives, and Matt just breaks down and hugs her.  And there are tears.  And this music is not helping!  It is manipulating my emotions to cause even more tears.  I think that it is a testament to how good this show is that they just paid off something that happened in October, six months later, in such a big way.  Bravo!

At the bar at the Mystic Grill, Damon and Alaric have a drink.  Damon tells his new vampire slaying buddy, “That was fun.”  Alaric looks at Damon, disbelieving.  Damon: “Oh, don’t look at me like that.  I know you hate me.  [Whispers.]  Guess what?  Everyone hates me.  But you can’t deny, we were baaaaad ass.”  Alaric punches him in the face, and exits without speaking.  Damon is not affected, casually noting, “Happens.”  Alaric continues to be the coolest guy in Mystic Falls.  Love it.

Cut to Jeremy and Elena arriving home.  Elena asks her brother if he is okay, and he tells her that he’s gonna go get some sleep.  Instead of sleep, however, Jeremy goes into his room and starts rifling through his desk, ripping up newspaper clippings featuring Vicki.  Anna comes in through the window, as she is wont to do, and asks him what he is doing.  Jeremy is an emotional mess: “My friend Vicki … she’s uh dead.”  Anna: “Vicki?  The one you thought was a …?”  Jeremy: “Yeah.  Turns out she’s been dead all along.”  Anna: “She’s the reason you wanted to turn?  You wanted to be with her.”  He looks away, and when he looks back up and says sorry, Anna is gone.  Poor Anna.  Jeremy just wanted to be with Vicki.  I can’t say that I saw that coming.

Cut to Casa Salvatore, where Damon enters to see a bunch of empty blood bags … and Stefan on the floor with a bloody mouth.  Stefan had a taste of human blood, so he has fallen off the wagon.  I don’t know.  This whole blood addiction thing was something they tried on Angel and it never quite worked.  But hopefully this show will have better luck.

So, what did you all think of the episode?  Comment away.

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Danie B
Danie B

i love this in general but i think you are a little to hard on stefan and elena.He tries very hard to do the right thing and so does she . what happened with Jeremy was not the right call but he was really bad after what happened with vicki cut her some slack she was new to the whole secret thing give her time she will get better. not everyone can be as open as buffy but just because giles was not does not make him any less lovable

Danie B
Danie B

this ep is evidence of more communication problems if elena had just called jeremy anna would have got her mom to stop it

Danie B
Danie B

Since she clearly lives on a Hellmouth, and her brother is constantly inviting vampires over to her house, I can’t really blame her for her concern. one of your best lines yet


ok so i went to cw to watch the missed episodes and this was as far back as they went. I was totally going to comment to you about the line "I read somewhere vampires don't like running water", "don't believe everything you read". . .b/c i totally read that part in the books recently and thought it was funny!! and then i start reading your recap and what do you know, you beat me to the punch. so as i was watching i have a sneaky suspicion i still missed an episode. . .something involving damon turning good!! (so don't worry, you weren't the only one not thinking damon was evil this episode). He was very Angel like in fact. especially with his whole over controlling protective attitude toward elena (which i tend to refer to as heroic or chivalrous and you tend to get very pissed off about. . .i'm recalling several angel cordelia moments). there were deffinately some differences with how the vampires can enter a house, however. in the book they can be let in by anyone. . .but in the movie/show, it has to be the occupier of the house. but as to damon snapping that girls neck w/o thinking, i felt he was actually very thorough w/ questioning her about family, etc before ending her life. i chose to think of it as damon being good (however, there could be more to this letting into the house thing, i don't know if relatives or other people living there could prevent him from entering w/out an invitation even after he killed the lady?)


hilarious and thorough recap! will deff be checking back after each episode now. so much better than entertainment weekly's!


Yeah, you still missed one episode: "There Goes the Neighborhood." This was the one in which the kids go on a double date and you mentioned catching the very end of it and seeing Julie Cooper. However, it is not the one in which Damon magically turns good, despite your sneaky suspicion. ;) Hahaha. That is pretty much something that is just happening gradually. I am liking Damon now, despite myself. I wouldn't call him "good" though. But definitely better. Perhaps it is Elena's influence? I pretty much died laughing while reading this comment, by the way.


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