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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “There Goes the Neighborhood”

2010 April 7

I really really really love this picture. Hee. Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW.

Read on for my detailed recap and review of The Vampire Diaries 1×16, aired April 1st, 2010.

Previously, a tomb full of hungry vampires was released. Oops!  This week we dealt with the ramifications of all that hocus pocus, which included a very bad-ass Pearl.  Also, a murderous vamp named Frederick, who really doesn’t like the Salvatore brothers.  This dramatic storyline played out alongside a much lighter double-date scenario.  Oh, those crazy kids and their love lives.  Also, Matt had to deal with his mother’s return, and Jeremy showed his penchant for the dark side.  When I first saw the episode, I was underwhelmed.  The amazing episode of Supernatural that followed—seriously, it was AMAZING—did not really help matters.  When you are crying before the show has even finished rolling the credits, it’s hard to care much about the previous hour of television.  However, upon second and third viewing of “There Goes the Neighborhood,” I caught a lot of things that I missed the first time around, and I found myself very involved in all the goings-on of Mystic Falls.  In fact, there were two absurdly awesome moments which may rank among my favorite moments of the entire season, and I will highlight those in my recap.  So, without further ado …

We open on Pearl and Anna’s Vampire Boarding House.  They are all getting groomed for the new and modern world.  1864 hair cuts will just not do in 2010.  Anna walks through the house, surveying the progress, and comes upon Miss Gibbons and a nasty vampire named Frederick.  The poor human woman has been glamoured to feed this scary and mean looking vampire, and Anna is decidedly not thrilled by this.  Anna tells Miss Gibbons to lie down and get some rest.  Aw, I knew Anna was good at heart.  Cue the title card.

Meanwhile, Matt is getting ready for the day, and wakes his mother.  Matt: “Just making sure you were alive.”  She is not very appreciative of this courtesy.  Matt takes the opportunity to scold his mother: “Yeah, uh I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t bring the party home.  And I’m pretty sure the neighbors would appreciate it too.”  Kelly replies: “It wasn’t a party, it was one guy. Don’t be so judge-y.”  Judgey!  How very Whedonesque.  Love it!  Matt tells her that there’s still a bartending position open at the Mystic Grill, and Kelly says that she’ll check it out.  Also, there is a little hint that the lady who hires at the Mystic Grill is not Kelly’s biggest fan.  Matt is surprised, as he wasn’t sure how long she planned on sticking around.  Kelly mentions “back rent,” and Matt points out that there is “back everything.”  At this point, Caroline shows up and politely greets Mrs. Donovan.  Kelly totally ices her, and leaves the room.  Ouch.  Matt and Caroline head out to school.

Cut to Stefan and Elena at school.  Stefan: “ Blah blah blah.  He waited 145 years only to find out that Katherine could not care less.”  Elena: “And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.”  Ha!  Stefan totally understands Elena’s feelings, or so he says.  Elena jokes about not thinking about her vampire birth mother and vampire ancestor.  She’s pretty much fed up with vampires of the non-Stefan variety, and wants to just get back to normal stuff: school, homework, and FUN.  Oh, Elena.  Nothing good ever came of the responsible teen wanting to have “fun” on television.  Disaster is sure to strike.

Matt and Caroline come in, talking about their plans for the night.  There’s some tension between them about Kelly.  Matt seems to think that Caroline could try harder.  Um, he has clearly not been watching the show.  Oh, Matt.  Caroline: “Oh, I’m sorry.  It’s hard for me to show kindness to people who hate me.  I’m not that evolved.”  Actually, I think that she’s been doing a pretty damn good job of doing just that.  Matt should be giving her a medal for withstanding abuse.  She asks what movie he wants to watch, and he says whatever she wants to do is fine by him.  Oh, Matt.  You should know better than to give Caroline carte blanche.

Back at the Vampire Boarding House, Pearl teaches Harper how to text and use a cell phone, as Anna taught her.  Pearl oversimplifies the value of texting though—its value is way more complicated than just as a service for when you don’t want to “talk.”  They are using Anna’s phone, and hear a message from Jeremy.  Harper asks if he is Anna’s boyfriend.  Pearl interjects, “Of course not.”  Uh oh.  It sure is awkward to be dating the descendant of the guy who tried to kill your mother.  Then Frederick, the mean vampire, comes in.  Pearl tells him to watch over things while she goes to town.  He’s not exactly jumping for joy at this.  Harper volunteers to watch things, and there’s some tension between Harper and Frederick.  In Harper’s defense, there would be tension between anyone and Frederick.  Frederick is just that charming.

Back at school, Caroline makes plans for a double date with Stefan and Elena.  Elena is not so sure about it, but Caroline insists: “Look, the couple dynamics have changed, and there’s been a little awkwardness between you, Matt, and me, and I just think that it’s important that we get over it.”  Stefan thinks that it sounds fun.  I guess vampires have an odd sense of fun.  But what is Caroline’s real agenda here?

At Casa Salvatore, Damon hears a noise.  It’s Pearl.  Damon asks, “Ever hear of knocking?”  Pearl says, “An invitation wasn’t necessary.”  She’s surprised that there is no living person residing there, and Anna pipes in: “Yeah, how do you keep out unwelcome vampires?”  This is a very interesting point, and explains why it is important to keep Miss Gibbons alive.  Damon says that his method for dealing with unwelcome vampires is to “kill them.”  But Damon’s bark is worse than his bite, and Pearl quickly takes control of the situation.  I call your attention to the photo above.  Fun times!

Meanwhile, Jeremy is in an online chat room, trying to find out the truth about vampires.  I guess Bing could only tell him so much.  He asks, “How do you become a vampire?”  One of the responses is: “Go to Vegas.  Ask for Wayne Newton.”  Hee.  Then he type in, “How do you kill a vampire?”  One member of the chat helpfully answers that one with: “The blood of Paula Abdul.”  At this point, Jeremy has the gall to ask for “serious answers only please.”  Dude, you’re in a chat room asking about how to become a vampire.

Then we return to Pearl, Anna, and Damon at Casa Salvatore.  Pearl fills Damon in about their vampire-filled farm house, and exposits that not all of the vampires from the tomb are there.  Some went off on their own.  Damon wonders how they got out of the tomb in the first place.  Anna explains, “I think the witch screwed up that part of her hocus pocus.”  Then Pearl brings up the Founding Families’ secret council.  Damon tries to deny his involvement, but Anna won’t have it.  Pearl wants to know everything that the council knows, and everyone who has been supplied with vervain.  Damon asks what she’s trying to do.  Pearl: “Mystic Falls is our home, Damon.  They took that from us—our land, our home.  It’s time we rebuild.”  So, now Pearl considers Mystic Falls her home, though she really didn’t live there very long before being capture by the townspeople?  Back in 1864, Pearl was happy to get out of there as quickly as possible, and the last 140 some years can’t have endeared her to the locale.  I guess it’s about revenge?  Damon: “What are you, crazy?  That was 1864.  Wake up, woman!  The world has moved on.”  Pearl is not interested in this sound advice, and instead asks for Damon’s help in securing her objective.  In return, Pearl is willing to give him what he wants most: Katherine.  Pearl: “Katherine and I were best friends long before we came to Mystic Falls, Damon.  I know how she thinks, I know her patterns.  I know where to find her.”  Hmmm.  I really want to learn more about Pearl and Katherine’s friendship.  When did they meet?  And how?  And is Katherine even capable of real friendship?  Damon (lies): “I no longer have any desire to see Katherine, ever again.  And there’s no way in hell that I’ll play the role of your little minion.”  But Damon, you’d make such an entertaining minion!  Spoilsport.  Pearl says that she’s not so much asking as telling, and to prove that she means serious business … she pokes out his eyes!  Seriously.  She actually sticks her fingers into his eyeballs, while Damon screams.  I should not have loved that moment as much as I did, but I really did.  A lot.  I mean, we know that his eyes will grow back, so it was just really funny.  And satisfying.  It’s not like Damon doesn’t deserve a good eye-gouging every once in a while.  Pearl adds some icing to the cake: “I have 400 years on you, little boy.  I’ll rip you from limb to limb without even blinking, and you know it.  I’ll be in touch.”  Now that is an exit.  Also, the “400 years” comment is intriguing, and puts Pearl at about 550 years old—made a vampire around 1460s.  I neeeeeeed that flashback.  Pretty pretty please.

This bloody power play is followed by a much calmer scene.  Stefan picks up Elena at her house, with flowers.  He makes some small talk about their normal date, and mentions that she’s the one with the car.  Elena is surprised that he doesn’t have a car, to which Stefan replies: “Oh, I have one.  I just never drive it.”  Elena is a bit apprehensive about the double date: “It seems surreal.  Like maybe we weren’t meant to get to the normal part.”  Stefan tries to allay her concerns, and says that that is exactly why they’re going to do it.  He says that they don’t always have to be so serious, and adds: “Listen.  When I decided to stay here and get to know you, it was so that I could do things like this.”  She asks if he’s ever been on a double date before.  Stefan: “Oh, absolutely.  Uh, ‘72.  Hef and the twins.”  Elena: “Are you serious?”  Stefan: “Yeah, Playmates.  I got Miss June.”  Elena is amused by this.  I only wish that I could believe it.  I still don’t believe the Bon Jovi story.  I’m going to have to see proof.

Then we cut to town, where Aunt Jenna is showing Pearl and Anna her brother-in-law’s old office … which also used to be Pearl’s apothecary.  Hopefully Jenna is not in danger from Pearl, since she’s not technically a Gilbert.  Anna sees Jeremy walking by, and it is clear that she has some feelings.

Cut to later that day, at the Mystic Grill.  Damon joins Kelly at the bar.  Kelly: “What’s with the glasses inside?”  Ha!  But don’t fret, ladies, Damon’s pretty pretty eyes are just fine.  She asks if he’s new in town, but Damon says that he’s very very old.  Kelly: “I haven’t been gone that long.  I would remember someone who looked like you.”  Damon continues to drink, and she adds: “I love to see a man drown his sorrows.  It’s so sexy.”  Oh, Kelly, I’m beginning to see why you have problems with lasting relationships.  Damon: “It’s more like nursing my wounds.”  Hehe.  Sorry.  I really should not be so amused at Damon’s pain.  I’ll try to contain myself.  Kelly explains that she was supposed to be interviewed, but the manager blew her off.  Turns out that last time Kelly was in town, she slept with the woman’s boyfriend.   Oh, Julie Cooper, you haven’t changed.

Then Aunt Jenna comes in.  The two ladies hug, as they are old friends.  Kelly used to babysit for Jenna, and then later they partied together.  Apparently Jenna used to be quite the party girl, and has changed quite a bit.  Kelly invites her to stay and drink.  Jenna: “I shouldn’t.  I’m all responsible now.  Haven’t you heard?”  Kelly: “Well, take the night off.  It’s good for the soul.”   Damon: “Great for the soul.”  Oooh, this should be fun!  Jenna: “This is not going to end well.”  Damon: “Can’t wait.”

At the Vampire Boarding House, Frederick is anxious to get out of there: “I didn’t stay locked up for 145 years to end up locked up here.”  Harper tells him to quit complaining.  Seconded!  This Frederick is really getting on my nerves.  Writers, you have my permission to kill him off as soon as possible.  Frederick asks Harper, “Are you gonna stop me?”  Another vampire, the woman from the bus stop, reminds him of what Pearl said.  [Update: It seems that her name is BethAnne.  I watched the episode three times, and still I missed it.  *Sigh*]  Frederick: “I don’t care what Pearl said.  What you got, Boy?”  The two start to tussle, but Pearl comes in and breaks up the fight.  Frederick asks AGAIN why they can’t go into town, and points out that nobody knows who he is.  Pearl: “The Salvatore brothers do.”  Frederick: “I wish to hell that I could run into them.  They’re the reason we were caught in the first place.”  Uh oh.  This is not going to end well either.

Meanwhile, the double date has begun, and the four are at the Mystic Grill.  Just more evidence that it is the only restaurant in town.  And the only bar in town.  Elena asks Matt how he’s dealing with Kelly’s return, and it becomes increasingly clear that the two have a long history.  Elena tells Stefan that their moms were best friends, and that they shared a crib together.  Awwww.  Caroline is less charmed than I am at this reminiscing.  Matt pipes in that they’ve known each other their whole lives.  Caroline really loves that, as you might imagine.  Then they see Kelly and Aunt Jenna drinking at the bar with Damon.  Matt shakes his head.  Matt, you’re being judge-y again.

Back at the farm house, Frederick and the unnamed lady vamp head out, despite Pearl’s orders.  Harper even reminds them of Pearl’s rules, helpfully, but they don’t care.  Bad vampires!

At the Gilbert home, Jeremy answers the door to see Anna.  He is surprised, as last time he talked to her she said that she was leaving town.  Anna explains that there was a “change of plans,” and notices that Jeremy doesn’t seem as happy about this news as she hoped.  Jeremy pulls his vampire-suspecting-self together, and says that he is happy to see her.  Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Jenna and Damon have a nice little conversation at the bar.  Damon opens up a little: “You’d be surprised.  My primary reason for existence has abandoned me.  And after today’s events, the remains of the shaky ground I walk on are about to go ka-boom.”  He’s not wrong.  They toast, as the kids look on.  They’re playing pool, and an unhappy Caroline snarks, “Well, at least they’re having fun.”  Hee.  Elena reminisces about the first time she got drunk, when they got caught after Homecoming.  Apparently the Mystic Grill was the only restaurant back then too, and the teens were stupid enough to go there to get wasted.  Sigh.  Elena’s parents were there eating dinner, and they got busted.  Caroline joins in on the “remember when” moment at first, but then things get very Elena-Matt-centric.  Caroline gets increasingly unhappy, and finally excuses herself to go to the ladies’ room.  She very unsubtly indicates for Elena to join her.  Jenna sees them on their way to the bathroom, and tries to hide.  Jenna to Kelly: “Children under our care, 5 o’clock.  This is not role model-ish.”  Kelly: “Damn.”  Hee.

Then we cut back to Jeremy and Anna.  He wonders why Anna and her mom are staying, and Anna says her mom got a “business opportunity.”  You could say that.  Anna is excited to be a “normal teen for once,” and plans to stop homeschooling, and attend the high school.  Jeremy uses this as an opening to talk about the vampire paper she helped him with, and says that he wants to investigate deeper, for another paper.  Riiiiight.  Jeremy starts to theorize that maybe vampires do exist, but that they’re not what people think: “Well, maybe they’re normal and good.  Just outsiders, you know.  Misunderstood.”  Anna gets increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of this conversation.  She tells him: “Jeremy, I made it up, OK.  You were all cute and floppy, and I wanted to make a good impression.”  Too late, Anna.

Back at the Grill, Stefan and Matt play pool, in what is my other favorite scene of the episode.  Perhaps even better than Damon’s eyes being gouged out.  Maybe.  Matt asks, “Is there anything you’re not good at?”  Stefan: “Double-dating.  This is all kind of new to me.  I usually keep to myself.  I don’t always fit in.”  Oh, the life of an eternal 17-year-old.  Matt: “That’s because you’re that guy.”  Stefan is at a loss: “What guy?”  Matt: “The guy who seems to have everything, so the people that don’t kind of run the other way.”  Stefan: “That’s what I seem like?”  Matt: “Preeeety much.”  Stefan: “What a dick.”  Matt: “Yeah.”  Adorable.  Zach and Paul just played that scene perfectly.  Love love love this exchange.  One of my favorite things in the book series was Matt and Stefan’s unlikely friendship, and this bodes well for the future of this show.  Well done.

Alas, Elena and Caroline are not getting on quite as well.  The two are in the bathroom, and surprise surprise, Caroline is jealous.  Caroline reveals her frustration with her friend: “What are you doing?  The point of this was to show him how much you care about Stefan.  Not to hop-scotch down memory lane.”  Elena says that she was just trying to make conversation.  Caroline: “Well try less.”  As Caroline storms out, Elena follows, trying to explain herself.  On her way back to the pool table, however, we see that Frederick is there, and he sees Elena.  Uh oh.  He calls her Katherine, but Elena says that he’s mistaken.  Caroline sees that guy is bothering her friend: “Elena, c’mon.”  Frederick: “My mistake.”  Then he sees that Elena is with Stefan Salvatore.  Double uh oh.  Elena pretends not to be bothered, but texts Stefan with the message that that guy called her Katherine.  When Stefan goes to check it out, the guy is gone.

Cut to later, in the car, at Casa Salvatore.  Stefan and Elena discuss this intriguing development, but decide not to worry about it for the night.  Blah blah blah blabbity blah.  Smooch.

Caroline and Matt arrive at Casa Salvatore as well, and the group enters the house.  Caroline: “Yeah, this is much better than watching Damon visit Cougar Town.”  Hee.  She feels that the place is familiar, but doesn’t remember being there before.  Sigh.  They begin discussing what they will do, but Matt is distracted by Stefan’s collectible cars.  So adorable.

Back at the bar, Kelly and Damon flirt using cherry stems.  Oh, yes they do.  Aunt Jenna takes it as her cue to leave.

At the Salvatore garage, the group checks out Stefan’s vintage car.  It’s pretty and red.  Matt can’t believe Stefan has a car like that, and doesn’t drive it.  Stefan says it got passed down through the family, but doesn’t run.  Matt reminisces about the old Camaro Elena’s dad had.  Matt fondly remembers building and rebuilding the engine 20 times.  Caroline interrupts this trip down memory lane: “I don’t like sports cars.  They’re too hard to make out in.”  Matt: “That wasn’t that bad.”  Then Matt realizes what he just said, too late.  Oops.  Caroline leaves, and Elena follows.  Matt apologizes to Stefan, because he is perfect like that.  And Stefan is totally cool about it: “No no.  Don’t worry about it.  You and Elena, you guys have a history.  Ignoring it doesn’t do anyone any good.”  How very mature and reasonable of you, Mr. Vampire.  Bravo.  Matt: “She’s good with you.  I wasn’t sure, but he’s happy, and I’m glad.”  Awww.  Then the boys take a look under the hood.  That’s not a euphemism—I promise.

Elsewhere, Jenna stumbles out of the bar, and one of her heels breaks.  Why does that always happen when you’re drunk, and not equipped to handle it?  Stupid shoes.  Frederick is there on the sidewalk, and he breaks off Jenna’s other heel for balance.  Jenna: “Thanks, I think.”  He mentions Damon Salvatore, and asks where he lives.  She tells him, and adds that he’s still inside, if he wants to say “Hi.”  He’d rather stay with her.  Jenna: “Oh, nice.  Very smooth, with the shoe and the flirt.  But I am very drunk, and hot guy plus drunk me equals bad me.”  How very responsible of you, Aunt Jenna, but your beer goggles make your math bad.  Hot guy?  If you like guys who look like creepy serial killers.  Frederick tries to glamour her with his vampire powers: “I’m pretty sure you’d like it.”  Luckily, Jenna just laughs at him.  Saved by the power of vervain.  Frederick notices the pesky herb: “That’s a nice scent you’re wearing.  What is it?”  Jenna: “I don’t know, it was a gift.”  Ooh, smart of Elena to put it in perfume.  Then her cab comes and she takes off.  Phew.  Frederick turns to his partner in crime: “Vervain.  Making it hard to find something to eat in this town.”  Ha!

Back at the awkward double date, Caroline and Elena talk outside.  Elena tries to calm Caroline down, but Caroline is in full low self-esteem breakdown mode: “I’m Matt’s Elena backup.  I’m your Bonnie backup.”  Elena: “Now it’s about me and Bonnie?”  Caroline: “You don’t get it.  Why would you?  You’re everyone’s first choice.”  It’s a miracle those two are still friends.  I’m not sure really what my thoughts are on this conflict, other than the fact that Caroline needs to get over her Pacey-complex.  She’s awesome, and she should realize that.  Cordelia Chase would never say these things, but like my sister reminded me recently: “All girls can’t be Cordelia Chases.”  Sad but true.  At that point, the boys drive up in the car.  It runs!  Matt is a automotive miracle worker!  Stefan “generously” offers the car to Matt and Caroline, to take it for a spin.  As the two blondes drive off, Elena leans on Stefan’s shoulder and says, “Well, if it’s not vampires, it’s girlfriends.”  True words.

At the Gilbert home, Jeremy and Anna are making sandwiches.  Jeremy intentionally cuts himself.  Ick.  He asks Anna to hand him atowel, and she says she can’t.  He basically taunts Anna with the blood, trying to get her to react.  She vamps out, and pushes him against the fridge.  Jeremy: “I knew it.  Go for it.”  Go for it?  Seriously, Jeremy?  You are twisted.  And Anna totally does.  They are interrupted before Jeremy’s death, however, by the arrival of Aunt Jenna.  Bad timing. I mean, what a relief.  Jeremy asks, “What’s up?”  Jenna: “Regret.”  Ha!  Have I mentioned lately how much I like Aunt Jenna?  Because that line really reveals her lovely wit.  However, her powers of perception are less than stellar, and she just tells Jeremy to lock up before going upstairs.

Meanwhile, Matt and Caroline are in the fancy car, and things are awkward.  There is some small talk about whether they passed the driveway, but finally Matt takes the leap: “Did I pass?  The whole double date thing was obviously a test to see how I would do around Elena.”  Caroline: “I don’t know.  You were reminiscing about the Elena years all night.”  He says that that stuff is in the past, and it’s not just gonna go away.  Caroline says that she knows that, but Matt interjects: “No.  You don’t.  Because you’re letting it turn you into a crazy person.  Look, it’s my fault.  I made it pretty clear early on that Elena still means something to me.  But all that talk—that was just two old friends and some memories.  Tonight wasn’t about me and Elena.  I was there because I wanted to be with you.  And I don’t know what this means, or what we are, but I do know that you’re the only person I want to be in this car with right now.  I don’t even know if this makes sense, because I’m not very good at expressing myself.”  Oh, Matt, you are perfect.  Caroline echoes my sentiments: “No no.  I think you’re doing just fine.”  They kiss and it gets very romantic … and then very uncomfortable.  Caroline: “Sports cars.”  Hee.

Meanwhile, Damon and Kelly arrive at Casa Salvatore.  Kelly: “Now that you’ve got me here, what are you going to do with me?”  They kiss and it starts to escalate.  Damon looks longingly at her neck, but resists … for now.  Of course, this is when Matt and company return to the house, and it is majorly awkward.  Kelly is ashamed, and walks out, while Damon just takes another swig of whiskey.

Back at the Vampire Boarding House, Anna arrives home to a worried mother.  Anna says that she just needed some air, but Pearl points out that it has been three hours.  Darn you, Jeremy! You are tearing my favorite mother-daughter-vampires apart!  Pearl: “Annabelle, don’t do this.  I can’t fight you too.”  Anna apologizes, and the two hug.  Aaawww.  They are the best vampire mother and daughter ever.  So sweet.

At Casa Salvatore, Elena apologizes to Stefan for “bailing.”  Stefan just wishes he could drive her home, as he can’t help worrying about her.  She doesn’t want to live life constantly chaperoned, so they kiss and then Elena leaves.  As Stefan goes inside, we see Frederick hiding close by, watching.

Stefan enters the house to see Damon on the couch.  Damon: “Don’t look at me like that.”  Stefan: “Are you crazy?”  Damon: “Save the lectures.”  Just then, Frederick jumps through the window, on attack.  He is followed by his date, the unnamed female vampire.  Stefan is stabbed with a piece of glass in the chest, and Damon jumps into the fray to help.  Stefan kills the woman, while Damon fights with Frederick.  Frederick sees his dead girlfriend and flees.  [R.I.P., BethAnne.  We hardly knew you.]  Stefan: “I remember them, from 1864.  They were in the tomb.”  Damon: “Yeah … about that.”  That last line was all in the delivery.  Hee.

At the Donovan, Kelly tries to explain herself.  Matt: “I don’t want to hear it, Mom.”  Kelly: “Matty, please.”  Matt: “You know what I was doing tonight, Mom?  I was having fun.  You know, trying to forget about all the crap that I have to deal with every day.  Just enjoy a night with my friends.  And then there you are, wasted at the bar, where I work by the way, trying to pay the bills that you don’t pay.  And then you’re off acting like a freaking kid, hooking up with some guy half your age.  I’m the kid.  You’re supposed to be responsible for me.”  Kelly: “I know, Matt.”  Aw, this is just kind of heart breaking.  It’s hard to be Matt Donovan.  On a related note, Matt sure has a lot of speeches tonight.  I like it.

Back at the Gilbert home, Elena is brushing her teeth.  Jeremy comes in and they have a conversation which lacks any real communication.  Elena: “How was your night?”  Jeremy: “Same old, same old.  You?”  Elena: “Yeah.”  They continue brushing their teeth.  Um, is it just me, or does this show really likes tooth-brushing scenes?  I think it is meant to show the day-to-day atmosphere at the Gilbert’s, but right now that is the only connection the siblings have, and it is really not enough.  How about they share a meal together some time?  A dinner table scene, anyone?

Meanwhile, at the Vampire Boarding House, Pearl and Anna are in the kitchen when Frederick returns.  At first Pearl seems willing to forgive and forget, asking if he’s hungry.  But then she very calmly sticks a wooden spatula in Frederick’s stomach.  Seriously.  She counsels him, “Next time, you’ll listen to me.”  If he knows what’s good for him.  Sadly, however, I’m not sure if Frederick is capable of such highly evolved thought.

Cut to Elena in bed, calling Stefan.  They have a sweet conversation, and they both agree that they had a nice time on their date.  He doesn’t want to ruin the normalcy of the evening by telling her about the vamps, so he doesn’t tell her.

Then Anna shows up in Jeremy’s room.  She tells him that she could have killed him, but he points out that she didn’t.  Anna: “I should have.”  Yeah, you probably should have, Anna.  Jeremy: “But you didn’t.”  Anna asks how he knew, and Jeremy explains: “I knew this girl, Vicki.  She uh was attacked by an animal, a bite to the neck.  She started acting crazy, you know, weird.  And it seemed like drugs, but then you showed me those articles.  And then I saw your face, and how it changed, that night in the cemetery when I kissed you.”  Anna: “You know you can’t tell anyone, right?”  Jeremy: “Who would believe me?”  Anna: “You’d be surprised.”  He asks why she didn’t kill him.  Anna: “I don’t know.  Maybe I’m a sucker for guys like you.”  Jeremy: “Like what?”  Anna: “Lost.”  So, Jeremy’s a Lost Boy?  I hope that means we will witness a death by stereo.  She asks why he would confront her, and risk it.  Jeremy: “Because if it was true, maybe, then maybe it was true about Vicki.  And also because … I want you to turn me.”  The music gets very dramatic, of course, at this point, and we close on a creepy shot of the wanna-be vamp.  Oh, Jeremy.

So, all in all, it was a pretty good episode, that included a few really great moments.  If nothing else, this episode will always be remembered as the one in which Pearl poked out Damon’s eyes.  And the one in which Stefan and Matt began their beautiful friendship.  I missed Alaric, and found it a bit frustrating that this episode didn’t continue from the major reveals/ cliffhangers of last week’s episode.  That is the second time that the show has noticeably pulled such a move, and it is kind of annoying.  I want to know more about Isobel, and the ring, etc.  Not that all needs to be revealed right away, but we could at least visit the aftermath of all that craziness.  And, of course, I missed Bonnie.  Two episodes in a row without Bonnie?  Disappointing.  Hopefully she’ll be back soon.

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Danie B
Danie B

love love loving this post found them today and have not stopped reading love the buffy i am literally laughing out loud references but to be fair to caroline although she would never say it she was in fact both xander an angel"s buffy backup as so true on the random dates so arbitrary and one who played any attention as all in american history should know all of them. And what about tanner not knowing the dates of the korean war? i am so glad i found this blog and i am not the only good vamp obsessed person out there


I've been reading your posts on the Vampire Diaries for a few weeks now, and I just wanted to let you know, you crack me up. Seriously. And I find myself having the same reactions as you, usually when they concern a certain Damon Salvatore. ...anyway, moral of the story: keep up the good work. I really enjoy your reviews.


I really liked this episode and it made me like Pearl even more she was so badass the entire episode and especially with Damon, I'm also wondering now wether Anna is Pearl's real daughter I mean if she is over 500 yrs old she should be just as strong as Pearl but in the episode where Damon chokes her it looked like she and Damon were equally strong so I'm confused about this it could just be a screw up from the writers though so who knows.


I wonder about the Pearl and Katherine friendship too. Who knows she might have been the one that turned Katherine. I didn't see Katherine trying to get her out of the tomb. I'm sure it will be weird for Anna who was without a mother for over a century. Oddly I do think she does really like Jeremy. Oh yes Bing answers all and when all else fails go to a chat room. I missed Bonnie too. I want Bonnie back but I did get a little excited when I saw the preview for the episode tomorrow. Yes I'm the dork that called out torture porn when I saw Stefan all shirtless and shackled much like Angel was. And that is why I'm going to Special Hell. As for Caroline I think she's been very nice considering how nasty Kelly's been to her. .-= Check out Barbara´s recent blog post: Sepulveda =-.


So glad that you found my blog, and that you have been enjoying the recaps! :)


Aw, thanks! I'm so glad that you enjoy the recaps!


Ha ha! I figured people might enjoy the torture preview. I like the idea of Pearl turning Katherine, but that seems pretty unlikely.


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