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LIFE UNEXPECTED: “Family Therapized” and thoughts on the season so far

2010 March 28

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand /The CW.

Read on for my thoughts on Life Unexpected 1×10, aired March 22nd, 2010 … and the entire series so far.  Yeah, I’ve got BIG thoughts.

  • I could go either way on the love triangle that is Baze-Cate-Ryan, but I am SO glad that Ryan forgave Cate.  He is a really stabilizing force on the entire show, and I hope that Cate treats him better this time around.
  • While Ryan is really quite saintly, Cate’s whole “I only want to be worthy of you” speech made me want to throw up. Blech.  Double blech.  “I am a worm unworthy of licking your boot straps, you saintly man!”  Kill me now.
  • I loved the family therapy scene, and it was very emotional.  I’m really glad that Lux finally told Cate how she feels, and stopped hiding behind her friends’ problems.  I totally agree with the social worker that telling the truth is an important step in the whole family dynamic.  Unloading this baggage was absolutely crucial for Lux, and was the first step in moving on.
  • I still can’t believe that Baze had sex with Cate’s sister (whose name I still don’t know).  Ugh.  So incestuous and just wrong.  Cate is going to flip when she finds out.  And now, the relationship between Baze and What’s-her-name is progressing?  Beyond hooking up?  Just, no.
  • When Lux’s friends first got introduced, I really did not care about them.  Then I actively disliked them.  Now, I’ve come around on Tasha.  After that episode where we meet Tasha’s real mom, how could I not feel for the poor girl?  That mom was so awful!  Abandoning her daughter because she reminds her of the past!  Awful!  I am totally team Tasha now.  Sort of.
  • But Bug?  Meh.  His family background wasn’t enough to turn me around, especially since he yelled at Lux and acted like she was his property.  Hated that.  Then he leaves without saying goodbye, and returns just in time to ruin her dance.  I am really not a fan of the whole, “I’m a big jerk, but then I’ll show up with flowers and a slow dance” thing.  Not at all.  Also, how old is he?  18?  And having sex with a 16 year old?  While that is not really a huge age difference, it’s unclear how long they have been having sex.  Definitely when she was 15, which is just illegal, and possibly even earlier.  On the one hand, I think it’s pretty cool that the show is not being overly judgmental of the realistic fact that teenagers have sex.  Yes, teenage sex does not have to be the end of the world.  On the other hand, in this latest episode, the sex was so casual, and no one really seemed to care.  I mean, this 16 year old girl is staying over at her boyfriend’s apartment, and then wearing his shirt all day.  Blatantly wearing a SEX SHIRT all day, and having conversations with her father, while wearing the SEX SHIRT.
  • OK, and that reminds me of one of the reveals of the after-sex scenes.  Not only does Bug have a tattoo of a spider web on his neck, but he also has a spider on his chest.  Do you think that was written into the script?  Or is this actor just odd?  I’m assuming it’s an intentional part of the story.  But seriously?  The guy is named Bug, and he has a spider and a spider web tattooed on him? However, in Bug’s defense, he is a very good employee at Baze’s bar.  So that’s something.
  • Which brings me to another extremely weird moment.  Baze goes to visit Bug to apologize for not caring about him. The guy has a spider web on his neck, rides a motorcycle, and he’s sleeping with his teenage daughter, so why does Baze owe him any kind of apology?  But that’s not even the weird part.  The weird part was how Baze basically asks the kid, “Can I practice being a Dad on you, since I’m not quite ready to be one to my own kid?”  Who does that?

Overall, however, I am really loving this show.  It has heart, and I really feel like I care about the characters.  I’ve read a lot of Cate-hate, but I really sympathize her.  Every time she messes up, I understand it.  Also, Lux can be an ungrateful brat, but at the same time she is justified in the actual root of all her anger at her parents.  So, if the show does manage to get renewed, I’m totally on board for season two.  Crossing my fingers.   What do you think?  Comment away.

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