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Alexis Denisof talks about his supernatural pilot for ABC | SCI FI Wire

2010 January 8

Sci Fi Wire reports that Alexis Denisof, best known for his role as Wesley Wyndam Price in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, has shot a pilot for ABC: Pretty Little Liars.  Most recently, Denisof could be seen playing Senator Daniel Perrin on Dollhouse.  Sci Fi Wire spoke with Denisof, and offers the following description of the prospective show:

“It centers around five teenage girls, one of whom is deceased,” Denisof said in an exclusive interview Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. […]  As for the show, he added, “She’s around as an entity that the other characters have to deal with. I play one of the parents of the central figure. It’s a good story. I think it will appeal to multigenerational viewers.”

It sounds intriguing.  Shooting a pilot is no promise for pickup, but it would be great to see Denisof on television more regularly.  Check out the full story, at the link below, for further details:

Angel’s Alexis Denisof talks his supernatural pilot for ABC | SCI FI Wire.

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