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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “History Repeating”

2009 November 14
Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman.  Photo Credit: Guy D'Alema/The CW.

Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman. Photo Credit: Guy D'Alema/The CW.

Read on for my recap & review of The Vampire Diaries 1×09, aired November 12th, 2009:

So, another amazing episode for The Vampire Diaries.  What else is new?  Not to get too fangirl on you, but this show just keeps getting better and better.  Yes, I know that I say that every week, shut up.  I was enthralled by every scene featuring Damon and Stefan together, and there were so many of them.  I had to rewind and re-watch more than usual, as this episode seemed much more dialogue heavy—so many great little tidbits in the details.  This means that my recap is also very quote heavy, and also very long, so hopefully you will like that.  Hey, I do the work so you don’t have to, right?

I still don’t care much for Elena and Stefan, or their “epic forever love,” but there is so much else going on in the show that that does not detract at all from my enjoyment.  I wish that those who stopped watching after the pilot, thinking this was “Twilight redux” would give it another try.  (Please don’t get offended Twilight fans—it just wasn’t my cup of tea.)  This show is about so much more than a romance, and that’s the way I like it.  I like a little romance too, don’t get me wrong, but I need a bit more from my entertainment than Romeo and Juliet, and The Vampire Diaries delivers.  Now, on to the recap:

The episode opens on Bonnie in class.  She notices something or someone, and leaves class to follow.  It’s her ancestor Emily (Kendra, the vampire slayer).  Bonnie follows Emily, and then suddenly she’s in the woods.  Emily continues to lead her to some ruins, which we will later learn are Fell’s Church.  Emily asks her great-great-however-many-more-greats-granddaughter to help her.  Bonnie feigns ignorance: “Who are you?”  Hello, Bonnie.  You saw the photo.  Emily: “I’m Emily.  You know that.  We’re family.”  Bonnie wonders where she is, and Emily tells her: “This is where it started, and this is where it has to end.”  Intriguing!  But we’ll get more  about that later.  Bonnie is scared: “No this isn’t it real.”  She tries to run away, but Emily cuts her off.  Then she wakes up in class, but when she turns around she sees Emily again.  Bonnie screams, loudly, and then wakes up in the woods.  She screams some more.  Cue title card.  Yeah, I was confused too.  But basically, it seems that Bonnie is connected to her ancestor Emily through the necklace, so Emily is able to mess with her head.  Emily seems to be trying to send Bonnie a message, but she’s being a bit too cryptic.  As Buffy would sarcastically say, “Can you vague that up for me?”

Meanwhile, Elena and Caroline walk to school, and Elena tries to intercede with Caroline on Bonnie’s behalf.  Neither have seen their witchy friend lately, seeing as she’s been busy screaming in the woods—they should really check in with her I think.  Elena wonders, “Why are you so pissed at her anyway?”  Caroline: “She’s a thief.  That’s why.  I gave her my necklace, and she refuses to give it back.  It’s a matter of principle.”  She proves herself wrong in a few simple sentences.  Oh Caroline, I love you but you are not the brightest crayon in the box.  Elena says that she’s staying out of it, so Caroline changes the subject and asks about Stefan.  Elena says that he’s avoiding her, and adds: “It’s complicated.”  Right.  Didn’t we do this last week, except the other way around?  I’m tired from all the back and forth.  I’m sure Stefan will be back to stalking her in no time.  On the way into the school, Caroline hopefully says “Hello” to Matt, but he kind of brushes her off.  That will be important later.

Cut to Elena and Bonnie in history class.  When Elena sees Bonnie, she tries to ask how she’s doing, but Bonnie just looks sad and exhausted and shrugs.  More importantly, however, we are introduced to the new history teacher.  The school finally hired a replacement for Mr. Tanner, and his name is Alaric Saltzman (played by the somewhat attractive Matt Davis).  I have a lot to say about Alaric, but it would involve book spoilers, so I’m biting my tongue.  He explains that Saltzman is of German origins, and that in 1755 his family immigrated to Texas.  Interesting.  Methinks he will have ancestors that came across the Salvatore boys.  He himself, however, was born and raised in Boston.  Furthermore, he addresses the ridiculousness of his name and its pronunciation, which makes me love him even more: “Now, the name Alaric belongs to a very dead great-grandfather I will never be able to thank enough.  You’ll probably want to pronounce it Alaric [the right way], but it’s Alaric [the wrong way].  So you can call me Ric [yes, that’s how I want to spell it].”  Oh Alaaahhric, you are dreamy, however you pronounce your name.  But enough of that.  The credits happen to stream across the screen, so in case you missed it, this episode was written by Bryan M. Holdman and Brian Young, and directed by Marcos Siega.  See, I’m not all about superficial things, really.

Back at Casa Salvatore, Damon wakes up Stefan and offers him a cup of blood.  I guess he is trying to repair things with his little brother after murdering his best friend.  Yeah, it’s going to take more than a cup of blood, I would think.  Stefan is not amused.  Damon explains: “I got the town off our back.  It was for the greater good, but I’m sorry.  And to prove it, I’m not going to feed on a human … for at least a … week.  I’ll adopt the Stefan diet.  Nothing but feathers.”  Hehe.  I know Damon’s evil, but he’s just so funny that I can’t help but love him.  Stefan decides to take a new tactic in dealing with his brother—take on his persona.  It is awesome.  Stefan says, in a very Damon-like tone: “Cause I realize that killing your closest and oldest friend is beyond evil and yet, somehow, it’s worthy of humor.”  Many fans of this show, I’m sure, were completely enthralled by the shirtlessness in the scene, but I was more interested in the mocking.  The combination of shirtlessness and mocking is really something the show should continue to strive for.  Nothing against Paul Wesley, who is in amazing shape and very attractive to many, but he almost has too much muscle—his abs look like those BowFlex commercials or something, and they kind of scare me.  But back to the story: the Salvatore boys continue to reverse roles in their conversation.  Damon: “Are you mocking me?”  Stefan: “Yes, Stefan.  Now that the secret society of vampire haters is off our back, I can go back to my routine of how-can-I-destroy-Stefan’s-life-this-week.”  Damon: “And I can go back to sulking, and Elena longing and forehead brooding.  I like this – this is fun.”  “Forehead brooding” FTW!  That is exactly how people describe Angel in the Whedonverse, so that is awesome.  Stefan is totally a forehead-brooder, if ever there was one.  Stefan retorts: “I will finally reveal the ulterior motive behind my evil and diabolical return to Mystic Falls.”  Damon: “Yeah, I’m done.”  He turns around, but then he quips in Stefan voice (imagine dumb-guy-voice): “That’s just like you Damon, always have to have the last word.”  Ha!

We cut to Bonnie and Elena, mid-conversation.  Bonnie “And then I woke up at the remains of Old Fell’s Church, before I woke up back in the woods.”  Elena asks if she always sees Emily, and Bonnie says yes.  She thinks she’s being haunted, and that seeing Emily is connected to the necklace.  Elena wonders what Grams thinks, but Bonnie says that she can’t call grams because she would want her to embrace it.  Um, I disagree.  I bet Grams would be extremely worried about her granddaughter being haunted, and ending up screaming in the woods.  I bet she’d do more than shrug her shoulders and tell her to embrace it.  Communication is key, people!

Meanwhile, Jeremy is called in to see (dreamy) Mr. Saltzman.  Alaric: “Did you know that your old teacher had a jackass file.  No joke.  It’s typed on a label.”  Wow!  Mr. Tanner was even more awful than I thought—also, more hilarious.  I completely laughed out loud at that line.  As Alaric explains: “It has all the troublemakers in it.  But really, it’s just an opus, to you.  Don’t worry about it [as he throws it away].  I’m not him.”  Ha!  I didn’t know Jeremy’s behavior was so impressively bad, so as to warrant entire files dedicated to his jackass-ery.  Alaric points out that while Jeremy has been improving, it will still take a lot to balance out his previous F.  He offers Jeremy the chance for some extra credit, which Jeremy jumps at.  He’s pod-Jeremy, remember.  Alaric asks him to write a paper, but to avoid internet research: “Just get your hands dirty, make it sing and you’re back on track.”  Of course I was distracted during this whole speech by Alaric’s extremely large ring.  Jeremy asks about it, because what else can anyone concentrate on when THE RING is in the room.  Alaric says that it was his father’s.  Hmmm.  More and more I think that there is a connection between his family and the Salvatores.  As for him being a vampire, I will allow you to speculate for yourselves.  I’m afraid of book-spoiling anyone about this.

Elsewhere on campus, Matt “Heys” Caroline again, and she calls him on it.  I will reproduce her half of the conversation, as it is hilarious (the […] stands for Matt being confused): “What is that? […] The ‘hey’?  That is twice, that is two ‘heys’?  Do you have any other words in your vocabulary? […]  It reeks of awkward subtext.  You spent the night in my bed, there was [pause] cuddling, and then you snuck out before dawn so you didn’t have to face me.  Which I must say is a total lame guy move that I did not appreciate.  And now the ‘heys’?  Seriously?  I mean, I  may have been some pathetic insecure mess after the party, but don’t mistake that for me being a pushover, because I do not let guys mess with my head anymore.”  Oh, Caroline, you crack me up.  Matt is a little disappointing in his response, but he makes it up for it later, so I’ll excuse his one moment of un-perfect behavior.  He explains that he heard her mom in the morning and didn’t want to get her in trouble.  He also points out that her mom is the sheriff, which is an excellent point, so he’s excused on that one.  He continues: “And about the ‘heys’ – I’m pretty sure that it’s what I said to you every day since the first grade.”  Caroline, deflated, says, “Oh.”  Matt: “Trying to read something into it?  Lame girl move.”  Oh, Matt.  The Matt I know would not say lame girl move, but like I said, I’ll excuse it.

Cut to Stefan and Elena.  Let’s see who’s avoiding whom this time.  Their conversation was my least favorite part of this episode.  There’s some “Blah blah blah.”  Then Stefan says, “I didn’t kill my brother.”   Some more, “Blah blah blah.”  Stefan says, “I’m going to back off and keep my distance.”  Elena wonders, “Back off from school or from me?”  Silence.  From both it would seem, except we all know that he totally will NOT.  Then, (Patronizing Red Alert) Stefan tells Elena: “It’s better this way.  [Elena reacts angrily.]  You’re angry.  That’s good.  It will be easier if you hate me.”  Shut up, Stefan.  Maybe if you were Superman, and saving the world or something, I might let such crappy lines slide, but no.  What are you going to do with the rest of your life?  Brood about Elena and Katherine?  Exactly.

Meanwhile, Damon confronts Bonnie.  He wants the necklace, as usual.  Bonnie tells him no, again.  Damon says that he wants to help her, and that she should too.  He explains: “Look, A: You hurt me last time. B: I wish you no harm.  Believe it or not, Bonnie, I want to protect you.  Let me help you get Emily off your back.”  Enough with the getting “off your backs” and the “backing offs”!  Let’s try some new metaphors please.  OK?  OK.  Bonnie wonders how he knows about her being a witch, and about Emily.  Damon says that he knows even more: “And I know that she’s using it to creep inside you.  See how scared you are?  And you should be.  Because I will get that crystal even if I have to wait to for Emily to give it to me herself.  So, next time she comes out to play, you tell her that a deal’s a deal.”  Dun dun dun.

Later that day, Bonnie and Elena are in the car together, and Bonnie tells her friend: “He’s bad news, Elena.  He really scared me.”  Elena doesn’t want her to be alone, and tells Bonnie to stay at her place tonight.  Good idea, in theory.  Bonnie stops the car suddenly, and gets out and throws the necklace in a field.  Elena ask if she’s ok, and Bonnie replies: “Now I am.  All my problems are because of that thing.  Can’t believe I didn’t do that sooner.”  I don’t think it’s going to be so easy.  Sorry, Bonnie.  Elena: “What’s your Grams going to say?”  Bonnie: “Grams isn’t the one being haunted by a 150 year old ghost, is she?”  Elena: “OK, then.”  Well, if Bonnie had asked her Grams, Grams might have been able to tell her that throwing the necklace out in a field wouldn’t work—just a guess.

Cut to Jenna and Jeremy at The Mystic Grill.  Where else would they eat?  Jenna notices Alaric, and I don’t blame her: “I like a man who can dine alone.  A quiet strength.”  She probably also likes a man who looks exactly like Matt Davis.  Jeremy is a brat, so he reminds her of her Logan-depression.  Jenna confirms that she’s sworn off men, but says that doesn’t mean she can’t admire.  Jeremy quips: “Well, I can introduce you.”  OK, Jeremy, I guess all is forgiven.

Meanwhile, Stefan stops by Elena’s because she called him.  She fills him in on the whole necklace debacle, and Damon’s harassment of Bonnie.  Stefan is confused that there is all this hullaballoo about a necklace.  Elena explains: “It’s not just any necklace.  It has to do with Bonnie’s heritage.  It belonged to one of her ancestors who lived here during the Civil War …  [significant pause] … when you and Damon lived here.”  Stefan knows: “Her name was Emily.  She was Katherine’s handmaiden.  And a witch.”  Is handmaiden a euphemism?  Not that I expect this show to address racism and slavery, but if you’re going to talk about the Civil War, which this show is determined to do, slavery is pretty big elephant in the room to just ignore and gloss over.  Maybe you all should have stuck with the Renaissance, hmm?  OK, I’ll stop with that.  Once Elena describes the necklace, Stefan tells her that it belonged to Katherine, and that Emily gave it to her.  Elena wonders what Damon wants with it.  Stefan doesn’t know, but he is determined to find out.  We get a close-up on his forehead-brooding and Elena-longing.

Cut back to Jenna and Jeremy, discussing his paper.  She points out that he has his dad’s stuff which he could use.  She reminds him about all the “Gilberts came over on the Mayflower” stuff, which his dad was so into.  More family history rears its head.  In fact, history seems to be one of the central themes of this show, which I totally love (biased historian speaking).  Alaric comes over to the table (swoon) and introduces himself.  At that moment I started to think that maybe Alaric assigned that paper to Jeremy on purpose, knowing his last name, and hoping to get some information.  Am I paranoid?  Or a genius?  Alaric introduces himself, and Jenna thanks him for giving Jeremy a chance. Chemistry alert!  I am now all about Jenna and Alaric.

Meanwhile Damon is getting drunk at the bar.  Stefan approaches, and continues his opposite persona thing: “So Stefan, you know, I’ve been thinking.  I think we should start over, give this brother thing another chance. We used to do it oh so well once upon a time.”  Hehe.  Damon: “I don’t, Damon.  I can’t trust you to be a nice guy.  You kill everybody and you’re so mean.  You’re so mean.”  Hehe.  Again, these Damon and Stefan scenes are just the best.  Damon is forced to come out of character: “You’re really hard to imitate, and then I have to go to that lesser place.”  Ha!  I thought he was doing well.  Stefan tells him, “You could always just leave and find another town to turn into your own personal gas-and-sip.”  Damon assumes that Stefan is there to watch him, and tells him that he doesn’t have to keep an eye on him.  Stefan replies, “I’m not here to keep an eye on you.”  Damon: “Then why are you here?”  Stefan grabs a bottle: “Why not?”  Hmmm.

Back at the Gilbert home, Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena are getting ready for their girls’ night in.  Caroline apologizes to Bonnie, but Bonnie  says that she threw the necklace away.  Caroline is deservedly perturbed by this, as she wonders why Bonnie didn’t just give it back.  Elena makes peace, and the girls decide to do their nails.  Bonnie tells Caroline to get her manicure kit from her bag, but Caroline finds the necklace instead.  She thinks Bonnie lied to her, and the fight breaks out again.  Bonnie and Elena try to explain the whole throwing it in a field thing, and witchy possession, but not very well.  Caroline feels lost and not part of the conversation, which she says happens a lot.  Blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, at The Mystic Grill, Jenna tells Alaric that Jeremy ditched her.  Oh no, now she’s stuck with Alaric.  Whatever will she do?  Hehe.  The two get to know each other, and he asks her about being from Mystic Falls.  See?  He sure is interested in the town.  She explains that she left town and then returned.  He asks why she left, and she says school.  However, she explains that it was really because she was wronged by Logan.  Alaric has a much more tragic back-story.  He says that he married young and his wife died.  He still doesn’t know what happened, and that it is a “cold case.”  He mentions the rich history of the town.   I bet it was a vampire who killed his wife, and that’s why he’s here in Mystic Falls, and so interested in the town’s “rich history.”

But back to the Salvatore brothers, who share another fabulous scene.  Damon and Stefan play darts, and Stefan hits the bulls-eye.  Damon calls it a “Lucky shot.”  Stefan: “More like a carefully honed skill over many decades.”  Ha!  That may be my favorite line of the episode.  Damon unhappily tells his brother, “You’re beating me.”  Stefan is neither unhappy nor surprised: “Well, yeah.  That’s because I’m better than you.” Ha!  Damon: “I’m on to you.  I mean, reverse psychology?  I mean, it’s a bit transparent, but I admire the effort.”  Stefan: “You prefer the brooding forehead?”  Hehe.  Damon: “What game are you playing?”  Stefan: “That’s a funny question, considering that I have been asking you that for months.” Yes, I’m thinking the same thing as you—these two are just amazing together.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Bonnie are still fighting, but Caroline makes an effort to make up.  She tells Bonnie that she doesn’t believe in the supernatural, or as she terms it “woo hoo,” but that if Bonnie does, then she believes her.  She tells Bonnie that she is her best friend, and points out that she is saying this “even though Elena is in the kitchen listening.”  Ha!  Also, I bet Elena is not too disappointed.  Bonnie is mollified, so Caroline calls for Elena to join them.  The girls want to do something fun and relax, and Caroline for some crazy reason wants to have a séance.  Oh, this is going to end splendidly.  Caroline: “This Emily chick has some serious explaining to do.”  Hee.  The girls prepare candles, and get started.  Caroline urges Bonnie to address Emily.  Bonnie: “Emily, I call on you.  I know you have a message.  I’m here to listen.”  On Caroline’s urging, Bonnie also asks Emily to show them a sign.  She does.  Big time.  The door blows open, and Bonnie takes off the necklace and says that she’s done.  Uh oh, the necklace is gone.  At first, I thought Damon had taken advantage of the séance to steal the necklace, but as we will learn, that was not the case.

Back to the Salvatore brothers and their scenes of perfection.  They are at the football field.  Damon wonders what they’re doing there.  Stefan: “Bonding.  Catch.”  He throws the football, and Damon catches it.  Damon reminds his little brother: “Don’t forget who taught you to play this game.”  Stefan tackles Damon, and both guys drop to the grass.  Damon: “Oh that hurts.”  Stefan: “Downside of my diet.  Getting hit actually hurts.”  Damon: “I’m impressed, Stefan.  Fun with booze and darts, sentimental with football, and now starry night.”  Damon is not an idiot, so he knows something is up.  He asks what Stefan wants.  Stefan goes deep: “It wasn’t real, Damon—our love for Katherine.  She compelled us, we didn’t have a choice.  It took me years to sort it out, to truly understand what she did to us.”  Wow.  This is an interesting development.  Damon doesn’t want to have this conversation.  Stefan gets down to business: “What do you want with Katherine’s crystal?”  Damon is surprised: “How did you know it was Katherine’s?  Emily gave it to her on her last night.  I was with her, and you weren’t.”  Stefan tells his brother that he was, in fact, the last one to see Katherine.  The heartbreak on Damon’s face is very apparent.  Stefan asks again what Damon wants with the crystal, and Damon puts on a brave face: “She didn’t tell you?”  Stefan: “We had other things on our mind.”  Ooh, Stefan!  No you didn’t!  Damon is not amused and goes on attack mode: “I could rip your heart out and not think twice about it.”  Stefan points out the obvious: “Yeah, I’ve heard that before.”  Word.  Stop threatening your brother, boy-who-cried-wolf.  We don’t believe you anymore.  Damon: “I have a bigger surprise Stefan.  I’m going to bring her back.”  What?!?!  Oh, things are getting good!

Meanwhile, back at the séance-gone-wrong, Elena thinks Caroline took the necklace, but she denies it.  Then she hears something and calls for Jeremy, but it is totally not him.  Suddenly, Bonnie spies the necklace and picks it up.  The bathroom door closes, and she proceeds to make all sorts of scary screams.  Poor Bonnie.  Elena and Caroline are freaked, but then, suddenly, the door opens and the screaming stops.  She’s totally possessed by Emily.  Bonnie is acting very calm, so Caroline is pissed, thinking she faked it.  However, for those of us who aren’t Caroline, the truth is obvious.  We even catch a glimpse of Emily in the mirror as Bonnie walks by.  Creepy!

Cut to Damon and Stefan, continuing their conversation.  Stefan: “How can you bring Katherine back?”  Good question.  Damon explains: “Before Katherine and the others were killed in the church, do you remember what it was like in this town?  Townspeople were killing vampires one by one.  When they came for Katherine, I went straight to Emily.”  Oooh, Damon made a deal with the witch, and she did a spell.  Due to Emily’s magic, Katherine didn’t burn in the church.  There’s a tomb under the church, and the spell sealed her in that tomb, protecting her.  She’s been trapped in a mystical holding cell for the past century and a half.  Damon explains that this could have side-effects: “But you’re the expert on starving a vampire, so how do you think she’s doing?”  I’m gonna go with not so well.  Damon further explains that in order to give the crystal its power, Emily used the comet, so for the crystal to work again, it had to return.  Ah, “The Night of the Comet” has so much more significance now.  There is a long time between comets, so that explains why it has taken Damon so long to get Katherine out.  Well done, writers, well done.  Stefan: “Why would Emily …? Why would she do this for you?”  Damon: “Because she knew they were going to come for her too.  And she made me promise that her lineage would survive.”  Stefan remembers that Damon saved  Emily’s children, so now he has an explanation.  We also have an explanation for why he didn’t rip out Bonnie’s throat to get the necklace.  But the scene is not over yet—Damon always has to get the last word: “So, you wanna go throw some more?”  Oh, Damon.

So what are the girls up to?  Emily-in-Bonnie’s-body, Emily/Bonnie for short, is on her way out: “Thank you for having me.  I’ll take it from here.”  Elena realizes that Bonnie wouldn’t speak that way, and calls her Emily.  Emily/Bonnie says: “I won’t let him have it.  It must be destroyed.”  Jeremy comes home as Emily/Bonnie leaves, and doesn’t seem to care one bit about the scared girls.  At all.  Nice. Caroline is out of there too.  Elena calls Stefan and fills him in.  Elena thinks Emily/Bonnie might have gone to  Fell’s Church.  Damon uses his super hearing to eavesdrop.  There is just no privacy around vampires.  Reason #548 for why not to date one.

Meanwhile Damon super-speeded over to the ruins, and confronts Emily/Bonnie.  Emily/Bonnie: “I won’t let you do it.”  Damon reminds her: “We had a deal.”  Emily/Bonnie: “Things are different now.  I have to protect my family.”  Damon: “I protected your family.  You owe me.”  Emily feels sorry, but not that sorry.  Damon: “You’ll have to be a lot more than that.”  She uses her powers to throw Damon against a tree, where he is trapped by one of the branches sticking through his torso.  Emily is hardcore.

In less scary territory, Jeremy unpacks his dad’s boxes.  Jenna and Alaric come home, but Jenna doesn’t invite him in.  There is some speculation that this, plus the ring, makes him a vampire.  I would like to point out that it could be a red herring—the show knows that we know about the rings and the invitation rule, and could be leading us on.  More importantly, Alaric continues to be adorable, and is totally rocking the sexy stubble.  When he leaves, Jeremy hands his aunt a photo of her with scum-bag Logan.  Foreshadowing much?  In case we forgot what he looks like?  Jenna: “That’s just cruel.”  Jeremy: “No, cruel is dating my history teacher.”  Jenna: “I’m not dating him … yet.”  Ha!  The scene closes on Jeremy picking up the journal of Jonathan Gilbert, dated 1864!  Oh, more history!  I wonder what Jonathan thought of the Salvatore brothers?

Back in the woods, Stefan saves Damon, taking him down from the tree.  See?  All that bluster about killing his brother, and really he just loves him the same as always.  These boys are all mean talk, but sweet action, when it comes to their relationship.  Emily/Bonnie tells Stefan: “These people don’t deserve this.  They should never have to know such evil.”  Stefan still thinks Katherine was a lovely girl, so he asks: “What do you mean evil?”  Emily says, “I will not let you unleash them into this world.”  Stefan is all like “them”?  He turns to his brother: “What part of the story did you leave out Damon?”  Stefan asks Emily what she did, and Emily/Bonnie explains: “To save her, I had to save them.”  Oooh, she saved everyone in the church.  Damon says that he doesn’t care about them, only Katherine.  Stefan is not so sure, and says that this is about revenge, not love.  Damon doesn’t think the two are mutually exclusive.  Stefan tells his brother that he can’t do this, but Damon is angry.  Damon argues, “They killed 27 people, and they called it a war battle.”  Stefan counters that they were 27 vampires.  Stefan tries to convince him that the town is innocent, but Damon thinks the town deserves it: “There is nothing innocent about these people.  And don’t think for a second it won’t happen again.  They already know too much, and [turning to Emily/Bonnie] they’ll burn your little grand-witch right next to us when they find out.  Trust me.”  Possibly a fair point, but Emily/ Bonnie is not swayed: “I can’t free them, I won’t.  Incendia.”  Emily starts a fire in the shape of a pentagram.  We see Bonnie’s body briefly change to Emily’s, but then back to Bonnie’s.  There is a huge explosion of sparks, and it’s kind of pretty, but Damon’s heart is breaking.  Elena arrives, and when fire subsides, Damon attacks Bonnie, biting her neck.  Stefan pulls him away, and Damon just lets himself be stopped, which makes me think that his actions were fueled by grief, and his heart really wasn’t set on killing Bonnie.  Stefan gives Bonnie some of his blood so that she’ll live.  Will she become a vampire?  An explanation on that front is forthcoming.

We get a little break from the intensity with a Matt and Caroline scene.  Matt comes in through Caroline’s window and startles her.  He explains, “Look, earlier today, I lied.”  Thank you.  I knew he was lying.  I know a loaded “hey” when I hear one.  Caroline: “About?”  Matt: “About being in bed with you.  We cuddled, and it creeped me out.”  Ha!  Caroline is not as entertained: “It creeped you out?  Did you just come over to insult me, or what?  Because it’s been a really long night.”  Matt: “No, it’s just that I don’t like you.  I never have, but … it was nice.”  Aawww.  Caroline: “What?”  Matt: “Being in bed with you, it felt nice.  And so, I was thinking about it, and I thought that I should tell you I stayed the night because you were all sad and alone and I felt bad for you.”  Caroline: “Well thank you, I love being a charity case.  You can go now.”  Matt: “Because I know.  With Vicki gone, and my mom off with Pete-whoever, it’s just me.  So, I know.”  Very significant looks are exchanged throughout this scene, and it is all very sweet and sad.

Even sadder, is poor Damon, heartbroken and crying in the woods.  He tells Stefan that Katherine never compelled him, and that he knew everything every step of the way.  He concludes: “It’s real for me.  I’ll leave now.”  Wow.  I always thought that Damon loved Katherine more, and this goes a long way towards confirming that.

Elena and Bonnie talk about the craziness, and Bonnie doesn’t understand.  She feels fine physically, but she doesn’t know why she’s covered with blood.  Stefan approaches, and Bonnie is scared.  She wants to know what’s going on.  Elena tells her that Stefan won’t hurt her, and puts her safely in the car.  Elena wonders if Bonnie will become a vampire, but Stefan explains that Bonnie would have to die with the blood in her system.  Furthermore: “Once the blood leaves her system she’ll be fine.”  Good to know, exposition.  I’ve been curious about the way the show would handle the vampire mythos in this regard.  Elena says that she is going to tell Bonnie the truth, because she can’t keep lying, and she needs somebody to talk to.  Thank you, powers that be!  I was sick of all the lying.  Elena tells Stefan that he doesn’t have to push her away, she can do this.  Stefan: “I can’t.  I have to leave Elena.  Too many people have died.  Too much has happened.”  Elena denies this, but he says: “Coming home was a mistake.  I can’t be a part of your life anymore.”  Elena tries to convince him not to go, but he says goodbye.  Whatever, Stefan.  We know you’re not really going to leave.  And if you do, you’ll be back in a flash—probably to save Elena’s life or something.  At least when Angel got all forehead-broody and pushed Buffy away, he spent his time saving the world.  What are you going to do with your Elena-free time, Stefan?  Brood and fight with your brother? Exactly.

Cue the ending montage, with music.  Jenna rips up the photo of her and Logan.  Matt and Caroline eat junk food on Caroline’s bed.  Adorable.  Damon is sad in the woods.  Sniffle.  Stefan reads his journal, throws it and cries.  Elena (while presumably telling Bonnie the truth) cries and Bonnie cries.  This lovely montage is interrupted, however, when Jenna hears the door bell ring.  Who could it be?  Why, it’s Logan Fell!  I did not see that coming.  Wow.   He asks, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”  Oooh, boy.  So is he a vampire?  Or did he perhaps not die in the woods after all?  My guess?  I think he is a vamp, and that he purposely drank vampire blood before going out to hunt the vamps, in preparation for his possible death.  Crazy theory?  What do you think?  Comment below.

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Halfway through reading, I need to note this: I totally didn't mind Matt telling Caroline she was doing a "lame girl move" because Caroline accused HIM of doing a "lame guy move". So I think he was entitled to answer her in that tone, because she did the same thing. What do you think?


Yeah, I'm a huge music geek so I get way excited whenever I hear something I like in a favorite TV show of mine...even when the songs are kind of mixed quietly like the Great Northern song in the Mystic Grill scene. Anyway, can't wait to see what's in store this week.... .-= Check out darci´s recent blog post: Vampire Tunes =-.


I think "History Repeating" is the best episode of the season so far...full of some big time revelations, as well as lots of great dialogue and character interactions, like when Bonnie tries to explain to Caroline that she doesn’t let her in on everything because she never listens, and all the back and forth between Damon and Stefan. Also I thought this episode had great music – loved hearing Pablo Sebastian’s “Lies” during the scene when Bonnie and Elena are in the car and then Bonnie throws away the crystal, as well as Great Northern’s “Houses” which played when Jenna and Alaric talk at the Mystic Grill. You can watch those scenes on YouTube at and .-= Check out darci´s recent blog post: Vampire Tunes =-.


what does ftw mean? i bet your right about logan, though i don't know why he would want to become a vampire, that 's a whole nother story. i liked your whole bit about the new teacher's name pronunciation!! haha very nice and long, and funny recap. . .your so good cia. except for the whole twilight hating bit at the beginning, i guess i'll just have to overlook that.


Well, I stand by opinion, but I won't claim that I'm fair. I so rarely am.


I'm glad to have a "music geek" comment -- I think I will try to check out those bands via, and on your blog of course :)


I think "History Repeating" may be my favorite as well, though I also have a soft spot for "You're Undead to Me" as well. Yeah, the dialogue was especially great I thought, particularly between the Salvatore brothers. I checked out the videos you linked, but I must admit that I'm not very knowledgeable about recent music, and hadn't heard of either band before. The music definitely works well in the scenes though. Thanks for commenting!


Ha ha! Sorry, that is internet talk. FTW= for the win (i.e. it's awesome!). I was also thinking that Logan might have been tricked. Either way, I think the coroner, or someone else in town is in on it. Also, thanks for overlooking my Twilight comments ;) I hope you don't think I was too mean - I don't want to alienate anybody. And thanks. What do you think about Alaric possibly trying to get information out of Jeremy, and that's why he assigned him the paper?


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