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90210: "To New Beginnings"

2009 September 9
by Lucia
"To New Beginnings"-- LtoR: AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi, Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna, and Jessica Stroup as Silver on 90210 on THE CW. Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW ©2009 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

"To New Beginnings"-- LtoR: AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi, Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna, and Jessica Stroup as Silver on 90210 on THE CW. Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW ©2009 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

So, last night the new season of 90210 began, and it was better than I expected … at least the first 10 minutes or so before Annie showed up. Read on for my thoughts on the season 2 premiere.

  • I loved all the color and excitement in the first segment of the episode. Those pastel RayBans, gorgeous swim-suits, big floppy hats, and colorful dresses made me happy.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy depressing television, but it’s nice to have a break from the gloomy.
  • Unfortunately, the gloomy came back, in the person of Annie and her self-destructive and mopey ways. Ick. I had almost forgotten that she even existed, and then the show had to cut to her and all her problems.  Downer. That said, her story-line seems to echo one for Brenda Walsh back in the day, when everyone was mad at her (this may have been a recurring story-line, as Brenda often pissed the rest of the gang off). Kudos for trying to make Annie somewhat Brenda-like, but it is SO NOT working. Pick another personality and storyline to copy, please.
  • While I love Naomi, I do not approve of her romance with that old man.  I mean there’s older, and then there is OLD.  It is super-skeevy.  Even worse, was when Naomi began talking about his “big meaty hands.”  No.  Just no.
  • Silver has a new short hair cut, and I like it. Adrianna continues to be gorgeous, and I continue to be one of the few Adrianna fans.
  • While I would like to avoid the subject, I should probably address Annie’s multitude of problems.  It seems that Naomi still thinks that Annie slept with Liam. We all know, of course, that it was Naomi’s evil older sis who did the deed with Liam, but I guess both are content to let Annie suffer.  Additionally, everyone knows that Annie was the rat who called the police on Naomi’s party.  Annie refuses to defend herself, or to apologize for selling out all her friends (and her brother) to the cops.  What is not one of her problems (although it really should be)?  Her dramatic hit-and-run from last season’s finale.  You know, when she may have killed another human being with her car, while drunk from an entire bottle of vodka.  Aggghh!  OK, now I’m getting frustrated, so I’ll move on.
  • New credits? I don’t hate them. Lots of people on Twitter seem to though.
  • I love that Naomi has a new nemesis, an older (not OLD) blond woman played by Elizabeth Rohm (Kate from Angel).  I have to say, I barely recognized her at first.  She is looking good, and I think the longer hair works for her.  Unfortunately, said nemesis is revealed to be the wife (or perhaps just steady girlfriend?) of Naomi’s OLD man.
  • Silver and Dixon broke up … again.  Turns out the chemistry between Silver and Ethan heated up off screen, and the two were cheating on Dixon for a while.  In the most hilarious line of the episode, Silver admits that she “was relieved” that Ethan was moving across the country.  Ha!  Aren’t we all?  (Sorry to the one Ethan fan I know)  When Dixon finds out about Silver and Ethan he says that Silver’s dead to him.  Way to be dramatic.  Maybe he and Silver are perfect for each other.
  • Also, key fact: the Silver-Dixon break-up was triggered by the new guy, Teddy, who looks like a Ken-doll and is apparently very wealthy.  Teddy was also Adrianna’s first, and was making eyes at Naomi.  Who will he hook up with next?
  • Naomi reveals that she’s still not over Liam.  I was relieved to hear this, as this means we may be rid of the OLD man soon.  Of course, as soon as Naomi admits this earth-shattering news to her friends, Liam’s back and cuter than ever.  Did he change his hair?
  • The episode ended with a boring cliff-hanger about a possibly nude photo of Annie.  The random guy Annie hooked up with was just using her, and we see him show a presumably scandalous photo to his friends.  Then Naomi gets a hold of photo, which supposedly will prompt all hell to break loose next week.  We’ll see.

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omg. . .i thought that was the cop girl from angel when i first saw her. . . but then she seemed to get prettier than the other girl so i wasn't so sure. i think they're making annie miserable and depressing because everything with her had been so sunshiny and great, while all of the other girl castmastes have had depressing lows on the show, now it's her time. though she is quite annoying. i thought it was sweet how they made silver really miss dixon in the end, i had thought she had moved on. oh yeah, and liam did look suprisingly cuter, maybe it's just been awhile since we've seen him? i don't know