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"Characters Who Say What The Audience Is Thinking"

2009 July 14

Cordelia_Chase_CrossbowWhedonesque linked to this hilarious article, which uses a lot of examples from shows we watch (Firefly, Angel, Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica). The video clips are especially fun. Click on the link below for the full piece:
Characters Who Say What The Audience Is Thinking – Firefly – io9

Included in the article is one of my favorite scenes from Angel ever.  Cordelia and Wesley offer Gunn and Fred a summary of the star-crossed romance of Buffy and Angel.  Cordelia plays the part of Buffy, and Wesley plays Angel.  My favorite line is: “Oh Buffy, I love you so much I forgot to BROOD!”  Classic.  I have embedded it below for your enjoyment.

Oh, and on that note, here’s the fabulous clip in which Spike makes fun of Angel’s whole “hero of the night” routine.  Enjoy!

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